Red Carpet Series Luxe Base Gels

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Red Carpet Series Luxe Base Gels

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Restore Repair
is a thick viscosity CLEAR gel that works wonders on thin, weak, flimsy nails. Can be used as an overlay, over a tip, or to sculpt with.

Rapid Ready is a HEMA free press-on nail gel that can be used to attach our soft-gel, full cover nails with. If you or your client has allergies to nail products in general, this would be a great option for them. This gel can also be used without the full cover nails and simply be applied as a strengthening base gel. Clear, medium viscosity.

Metallic Glaze is a HEMA free gel that is used for sealing up slick surfaces, allowing your top gel to have maximum adhesion. This is recommended for chrome nails, foil nails, alcohol ink nails, or any other art treatment that would need to be “sealed” prior to the top gel. Clear, super thin viscosity. A little goes a long way.

Rebound Rebuild is medium viscosity gel that can be used in many, many ways. These gels are slightly tinted and come in the shade “Sassy”, which is a pale pink or “Ghost” which is a milky white. These gels are formulated to stick to even the most finicky nail, so they’re perfect for lifters.

Comes beautifully gift boxed in a five piece set. 15ml red bottles with metallic gold bronzing. PLEASE NOTE: This product requires a larger sized shipping box, so shipping rates are higher.