Press-On Nail Bootcamp -- ONLINE VERSION

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Press-On Nail Bootcamp -- ONLINE VERSION


If you want to come to one of Tracy's in-person Press-On Nail Bootcamps, you need to go to her class calendar and choose the hands-on option. This is an online, instant class download that shows up in your student portal as soon as you purchase it. You have lifetime access to this course through the student portal.

Description of class material:

You'll learn how to start your own press-on nail business, as well as tips and tricks from Tracy on how to make your press-on nail sets look desirable and professional. She'll teach you how to design the press-on nail set shown in the photo, and give you tips for brainstorming your own set of press-on nails.

Class Material:

Video Learning Sessions:

  • Part 1: Tour of Tracy's Home Studio
  • Part 2: How to Use Your Document Downloads
  • Part 3: Supplies - Application and Removal Packet
  • Part 4: Setting Up Nail Stands
  • Part 5: Prepping the Nail Tips
  • Part 6: Designer Set
  • Part 7: Solid Nails
  • Part 8: Metallic Set
  • Part 9: 3D Set
  • Part 10: Nail Extra's
  • Part 11: Photographing Your Set
  • Part 12: Final Packaging
Downloadable Digital Files:
  • Instructions and Supply List for Getting Started
  • Suggested Price List
  • Printable Instructions for Nail Techs
  • Printable Care Card for Clients
  • Printable Labels for Your Press-Ons (in PDF and .png format)


This is a whopping wealth of information! All of this you can learn from the comfort of your own space. Start your press-on nail business now and have the tools to confidently jump in to creating.