Team Ladybug Prism Gel -- Set #3 "Falloween"

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Team Ladybug Prism Gel -- Set #3 "Falloween"
Team Ladybug Prism Gel -- Set #3 "Falloween"
Team Ladybug Prism Gel -- Set #3 "Falloween"


  1. Silver Moon (shimmery silver)
  2. Autumn in Paris (shimmery orange)
  3. Mulled Cider (shimmery pale pink)
  4. Gingerbread Pound Cake (shimmery chocolate)
  5. Spooky Monster Eyes (shimmery monster green)
  6. Pumpkin Spice Cappuccino (shimmery burnt pumpkin)
  7. Resting Witch Face (shimmery lime green)
  8. Autumn by the Bay (shimmery bay blue)
  9. Boo-Boo Bash (shimmery plum purple)
  10. Caramel Apple Pie (shimmery deep red)
  11. Glenda Goodie-Two-Shoes (shimmery candy pink)
  12. Baby Jack (shimmery light orange)


BRAND NEW and exclusive to The Mobile Manicurist! These are everything you loved about our classic liner gels - only shimmery! These colors are vibrant, buttery smooth, and shimmery metallic. Each set comes with an extra bag of liner brush heads, just in case you were to need extras! This is especially helpful for mixing colors and doing ombre nails.

If you purchase the full set, they come in this gorgeous storage case. Your case is a deluxe case; featuring a magnetic closure, black velvet-lined interior, and a durable hard exterior for keeping your polishes safe and sound.

Human photos used with permission. Not to be used by Team Ladybug distributors or those affiliated with Team Ladybug brand, without permission from the original artist.