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13 Days of Halloween

solve the mystery.
open the boxes.

Excerpt from Detective Graham's notebook: "I arrived at the mansion at precisely 9:42pm, having gotten in my automobile as soon as I received the telegram from the Inspector. I sped through the countryside, as fast as the dark, country roads and pouring rain would allow. I arrived to find all the guests still in attendance and the enormous oak front doors tightly locked. Upon inspection of the grounds, I found the lawn undisturbed and all the doors and ground floor windows locked. No one could've managed an escape. No, the thief must be one of the guests, just as the telegram said. Upon being let in by Ms. Patty Anderson (the housekeeper/cook), I observed the Great Hall. You shall find my clues of what I found in the Day 1 package."
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Team LadyBug Designs is based in the foothills of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in Lynchburg, Virginia. At Team LadyBug Designs, we offer nail training classes (both online and in-person) and a full service online store.

The TeamLadybug studio is used for a training and education center and many different classes are offered throughout the year. If you're not located near us, don't worry! Tracy travels around the US doing training as an independent educator. The Mobile Manicurist is now an international brand and you can shop our website for any nail supply needs you may have. Products intended for professional use.

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Fall and Halloween

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Clear Jelly Stamper
Fall Stamping Plates
We have Clear Jelly Stamper autumn and fall-themed stamping plates in stock!
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Get ready for Fall!
Fall color of the week
#67 Rustic Classic
This color is a classic, burnt orange sienna. Perfect for warm, earthy fall manicures. We offer this color in lacquer, gel, and acrylic dip.
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