MM - Transfer Foil -- Pāua Shell (8pc set)

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The Mobile Manicurist brand of nail transfer foils. "Pāua Shell" is an opaque foil set of patterns. Perfect for any under the sea manicure! Transfers neatly to the nail surface with no hassle. Each foil comes in it's own tiny, plastic tube.


We have a brand new foil gel! It's Tracy's super sticky, special formula. You can get it here: Super Sticky Foil Gel.

We recommend using Quick Stick It! for quick drying transfers (LED/UV cure for 30-60 seconds)

If you want your design on a black background for an extra dramatic effect, we recommend using Black Stick It! gel.

MM - Transfer Foil -- Pāua Shell (8pc set)
MM - Transfer Foil -- Pāua Shell (8pc set)