"Midas Made This" -- Glimmer Glitz Holo Dust

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"Midas Made This" -- Glimmer Glitz Holo Dust
"Midas Made This" -- Glimmer Glitz Holo Dust

COLOR: Midas Made This - gold holo dust

SIZE: 2g

BRAND NEW Christmas 2023 product release! Glimmer Glitz Holo Dust is a superfine (almost dust-like) powder that is super holographic and sparkly. The colors are highly pigmented and just beautiful. These are in the same family as "Chimney Sweep" if you purchased that one at Halloween.

HOW TO USE: They're meant to be burnished into the nail or used in the tacky layer. However, the holo rainbow will be seen better if you cure OUTSHINE top gel for 10 seconds and THEN burnish into the nail. I've used a matching color under my samples, but these could go over anything!