LED Illuminator Nail Lamp

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LED Illuminator Nail Lamp

Let us introduce the Queen of our court that we’ve been waiting on for quite a while. Our newest addition to Team Ladybug, the LED Illuminator!

This curing lamp has all the bells and whistles.
❄️Heavy duty lamp with removable steel plates.
❄️Has a built-in USB outlet on the back for charging your phone or any other USB device.
❄️Over 400 nanometers of curing power.
❄️Built in sensor so the lights will continue to stay on when you’re only curing nail tips.
❄️One year manufacturer warranty.
❄️Color changing light strip (what you see in blue). Changes to all the colors of the rainbow while curing.
❄️Power saving mode while you’re working so it’ll extend the life of your battery.

One year warranty as long as you’ve registered your lamp with enclosed documents.