MM - Half Dozen Roses -- Online Course

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MM - Half Dozen Roses -- Online Course
MM - Half Dozen Roses -- Online Course

This Half-Dozen Roses course teaches you to make six different nails, all in beautiful rose designs:

  • Nail 1: Sugared Roses
  • Nail 2: Blooming Roses
  • Nail 3: Embossed Foil Roses
  • Nail 4: Mood Ring Roses
  • Nail 5: Negative Space Roses
  • Nail 6: Watercolor Tie-Dye Roses

This course was filmed several years ago and dug out of the archives. Because of this, some of the products used may be discontinued or out of stock on our website. I have been diligent to link an equivalent replacement for each supply in your supply list for the course.

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