Elite Level One-Stroke -- Online Course

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Elite Level One-Stroke -- Online Course

šŸŽØVelvet Touch One Stroke Elite Level.Ā This class is not for the faint of heart, but by the time you get here--you have three other levels under your belt! This is a complicated, multilevel of designs with intricate backgrounds, tie-dye florals, and a kaleidoscope of detailed art techniques sprinkled throughout.Ā 

This class features tons of flower designs, like cabbage roses, tiger lilies, sunflowers, and more! Plus Halloween and Christmas One-Stroke designs. There is a lot to love in this course, and 9 different lessons are included. Please make sure that you have taken all the other levels of One-Stroke classes before attempting to do this Elite Level, because those levels contain strokes that you will need to master before doing this level.

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