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Before we start, a quick word. I have done hours and hours of research to make this story not only enjoyable for you to read, but as close to historically accurate as I possibly can. I even managed to dig up the actual court records for the years 1599-1600 and was able to read things as they happened. 

A few things:

All of the characters in this story (except Vivian) were real historical figures. Most of what they do in the storyline are actual events that really happened, other than a few fictional liberties that I have taken. Any plot lines involving Vivian are fictitious, as well as the plot lines of the poisoner(s). Although, there really was a suspicion of poison in the court during Christmas of 1599. Unfortunately, I can't find any info of how those suspicions ended, so I created my own, fictitious, ending.

HINT: If you want to figure out who the poisoner(s) is, it will be really helpful for you to read the character cards and the historical notes (at the end of the day). I've left a few Easter Eggs in there for you to find.


Please be respectful of my creativity and do not copy, reproduce, or take parts of my story and make them your own. This story is protected under copyright of The Mobile Manicurist and therefore, illegal to copy or reproduce without our express permission. However, just because we don't want you to copy it doesn't mean we don't want you to share it! Feel free to read it to friends, family, or whomever you wish. Share the Christmas spirit all around.

Should you want to research things further on your own, check out my citations in the notes at the bottom. It turns out, history really can be the best storyteller.

Merry Christmas, 


For best viewing, we recommend using a tablet (like an ipad) or you can pinch to zoom in on any smart device. 

Your Characters for Today:

minor characters: the steward, the Queen's guard



  • Zane

    This going to be so much fun can’t for day 2

  • Michelle Harper

    I can hardly wait to see how this story unfolds each day!! I live that these boxes have stories!! Very creative!! Oh, yeah! AND open each day’s package, too!🤣🤣

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