Day One - A Want of Prop'r Revelry

Welcome to Day One of your 12 Days of Christmas, Advent Box!

In today's package, you opened one of our brand new, limited edition gel colors: Bowl Full of Jelly. This color is one of our Dazzling Daydreamer gels, meaning it changes color over dark and light colors. It's a joyful, bubblegum pink.

No lack of revelry with Bowl Full of Jelly. 😉

CONTINUE READING BELOW TO READ TODAY'S STORY - For best viewing, we recommend using a tablet, or pinch to zoom in.

Your Characters For Today Are:

minor characters: various palace staff & unhelpful noblemen/women


Today's Location: Richmond Palace



  • June Gracie

    I received my advent box later this afternoon and went to find Miss Tracys day one video and I opened it with her. Love the story so far! Love todays gift :)

  • Marcy

    Amazing work…can’t wait to read it all over the next twelve days 😊

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