PF - OutShine Top Gel

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PF - OutShine Top Gel

OutShine no-wipe gel top was originally formulated for use with chrome powders. Because of its porous formula, it adheres well to the chromes so clients can have longer wear with NO CHIPPING!

We have found lots more uses for OutShine. It works great mixed with chromes and pigments to paint with. Because its a bit thicker bodied, it is a great protectant for any mylar, painting, confetti etc. that you are putting into sticky layers of gels. You can float on a nice, heavy coat to make sure your nail surface doesn't have any wobbles.

OutShine is fantastic for using under all of your stamping. Because it's a bit rubbery, it grabs everything off your stamper flawlessly - every time. If you don't have OutShine in your life trust us, you NEED it!

For chrome: cute 30 seconds and then apply chrome
For Stamping: Cure 10 seconds prior to applying stamp