Mbl Mani Transfer Foil -- Sonora Sand (10pc set)

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The Mobile Manicurist nail transfer foils, new! "Sonora Sand" has beautiful, desert and tribal-inspired patterns. Opaque, so your nail color will not show underneath the transfer. Transfers neatly to the nail surface with no hassle. Packed neatly in a sturdy plastic organizer -- 10 pc set


We have a brand new foil gel! It's Tracy's super sticky, special formula. You can get it here: Super Sticky Foil Gel.

We recommend using Quick Stick It! for quick drying transfers (LED/UV cure for 30-60 seconds)

If you want your design on a black background for an extra dramatic effect, we recommend using Black Stick It! gel.

Mbl Mani Transfer Foil -- Sonora Sand (10pc set)