Day Twelve - Midnight, Morning, Evening, & Present Day

Welcome to Day Twelve of your Advent Box - the final day.

Please don't open your bonus gift until you finish reading all the parts of today's story. 

Your item for Day 12 is a beautiful jar of flat-backed opal stones and a crystal applicator. These are super versatile and can be used to create stunning 3D manicure sets, or press on nails.

We hope you've enjoyed our story and opening all of these wonderful boxes!

CONTINUE READING BELOW FOR TODAY'S STORY - It will be presented in 4 parts: Midnight, Morning, Evening, and Present Day. This is because I needed a bit more time to wrap the storyline up. This day will not have the characters listed, because it will involve MOST of them at some point.

I hope you've enjoyed reading and you figured out who the poisoner was! Merry Christmas!


Midnight Location: Traitor's Gate/The Thames


Morning Location: Dungeon of the Keep - Richmond Palace

Evening Location: Richmond Palace - Great Hall



Present Day Location: Vivian's Living Room


  • Cathy (Catherine)Smith

    What a Awesome story!! Great job!! I can’t wait for next year holidays (Halloween & Christmas) storyline and boxes!!

  • Debbie Taylor

    Oh my goodness this story is so beautifully wrote, I just loved reading it Hilary you are so very talented. Thank you all for making such a wonderful advent calendar I am enjoying it so much. I had to read the entire story earlier as I will be very busy the next few days and probably won’t fit it in each day. I will try to be good and open each present daily lol but no promises. Have a wonderful Christmas Team Ladybug!! You have definitely made mine special.

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