The Famous Jewels Collection - Nail Glitter

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The Famous Jewels Collection is a collection of glitters that sparkle like precious jewels themselves! These are Limited Edition glitter sets, so we only have FOUR of them. Once those four sets sell, they're gone. Each glitter is named for a famous gemstone that it's sparkly tones resemble.

This set is also perfect for gift-giving to the glitter enthusiast in your life! It comes with 6 gorgeous glitters, already wrapped in a jewelry gift box (pictured in photo).

The glitters that come in this set are as follows:

Sun God Opal - pink, purple, blue, and holographic flakes

The Steinmetz Pink Diamond - pink, gold, and holographic flakes

The Mogul Emerald - emerald green, blue, and gold holographic flakes

Tiffany's Yellow Diamond - bright canary yellow, gold, and holographic flakes

Koh-i-Noor Diamond - silver, white, and holographic flakes

Hope Diamond - blue, white, and holographic flakes


Please note, these glitters are very sparkly, so color tones may look slightly different in person than on your computer/phone screen. These come in 5g weighted jars with lids. Cosmetic grade glitter. Solvent resistant.