CLASS - Principles of Scroll Work (Online Class)

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PLEASE NOTE: This class is not available until January 9, 2021. We have posted early so that you may have time to order your supplies prior to the course.

This course is a must-have for foundational skills of scroll work & filigree. I’ll start you from the ground up and at the end of this course, you’ll have all the tools you need to be promoted to Level II, Intermediate Scrolling. 

 This is part ONE of a three part series. Once you purchase class, it’s yours for life! Watch over and over again so that you technique becomes perfect. 

What you will need for the course: 

Johens Le Nior Embossing Gel

Johens White Embossing Gel

Johens Silver Embossing Gel

Johens Gold Embossing Gel

Johens Sugar Dust Glitter Set

Johens Perfect Line Brush

Johens Fine Lace Brush

Johens Top Shine


-a few gel polishes

-alcohol, acetone, lint free wipes

-curing lamp

-practice nail tips

 BONUS: I will include a set of practice sheets at no charge (normally sell for $39). You must have access to a printer for these. They’re reusable and are an invaluable tool for promoting success of the class. 

Certificate of completion will be provided with instructions on the video (when available) and is necessary BEFORE PURCHASING the intermediate level. 


1. When you purchase your class, make sure you provide a correct email address for your account information. 
2. Your class will be sent to that email by 12 noon EST, on January 9, 2021. 
3. Class is filmed in high quality so that you can easily see the fine details. 
4. You are purchasing level one course, only. 

CLASS - Principles of Scroll Work (Online Class)
CLASS - Principles of Scroll Work (Online Class)