PF - Transfer Foil -- Haute Couture 2 (10pc set)

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Packed neatly in a sturdy plastic organizer--10 pc set


The quick stick-it! is a great quick easy to use formula (*updated formula as of 11-01)  that works excellent for all foil type even full design transfers!

The Black Stick-it! is also a great choice for perfect design transfers that require a black background or for painting and enhancing designs since its smooth viscosity won’t run or spread.

Good to know:

You can’t really OVER CURE your stick it, so if you are not using a newish LED lamp…double the cure time.

When trying to get a full transfer design, place the foil down…use one finger to hold the foil in place then use your thumbnail or a squeegee tool to rub/lightly scrape the design then pull foil away. You won’t get a clean transfer if you are quickly pressing. 

PF - Transfer Foil -- Haute Couture 2 (10pc set)