NSI - "Glistening" Glaze 'n Go Top Coat

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Add a little extra to your finished enhancements! Use Glaze N Go Glistening Top coat to add a bit of sparkle to your finished nail enhancements, it’s as easy as applying topcoat! 

An easy way to up-sell your services without any additional steps, apply the Glaze N Go Shimmer options instead of a clear topcoat, and cure for 30 seconds in LED and off the client goes. There is no tacky layer to remove, an ultra shine that lasts! 

  • Brushes on smooth, like polish, for a radiant, tack-free finish
  • Glaze n Go LED’s Flexible finish is formulated to last longer between services.
  • Save time with new LED technology! 30 seconds in a LED lamp or 120 seconds in a UV lamp
  • Glaze n Go LED is a Tack-Free Enhancement sealant for use over Gel or Acrylic Enhancements to save time on buffing and filing.
  • Use as a top coat for acrylic and gel enhancements, or as a sealant to keep your nail art designs looking beautiful.
NSI - "Glistening" Glaze 'n Go Top Coat