JH - Picasso Gel "Neon Red"

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Color: Neon Red


This product is absolutely necessary if you are a Nail Artist!

PICASSO Art Gel, a dense painting gel. The new generation of color gels, which can be used for painting. Extremely high pigmentation, dense, which covers well even if you apply a very thin layer. There is no time limit, you can work with it long as you'd like.  Use for One Stroke technique, or any gel nail art, thin lines or contouring. This product is best to be used for creating ombre, transitioning and shadowing or highlighting. By mixing PICASSO colors any shade can be created. 

Cure time: 1-2min in LED and 2-3 min in UV light.

Size: 6g / 0.21oz

JH - Picasso Gel "Neon Red"