MM - Midnight Candy Chromes (6pc. Set)

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COLORS: This set includes 6 of our most popular Midnight Candy Chrome colors:

  • MIDNIGHT BOUQUET - This candy chrome is delicate and sweet, just like a bouquet of flowers. It's primary colors are pale pink and green.
  • MIDNIGHT BALL - Do you ever wish you could go back in time and wear a lovely dress to a midnight ball? This candy chrome makes me think of lovely, jewel-toned ball gowns. It's primary colors are blue, purple, pink, and turquoise.
  • MIDNIGHT ROSÉ - This candy chrome looks yummy enough to drink. Rosy wine, burgundy, and olive tones are the primary colors in this candy chrome.
  • MIDNIGHT GALAXY - This chrome is beautiful to look at. When you first look at it it appears to be mostly deep blue, however, a closer look shows beautiful shades of red and purple.
  • MIDNIGHT CARNIVAL - Mysterious, vibrant, and wild - this candy chrome is sure to make any manicure the talk of the town! It's primary color tones are hot pink, lime green, and gold.
  • MIDNIGHT GYPSIES - Every time you look at this chrome, there are more beautiful colors to see. Warm, multi-layered, and mysterious - this candy chrome features primary colors of deep blue, red, and orange.

SIZE: Each jar contains about 4g of candy chrome, which is DOUBLE the amount of the original Midnight Candy Chrome singles that we previously had in stock.

These candy chromes are dual color shifting, chameleon colors. There are a ton of different colors in each chrome if you look closely enough. These chromes work best over a black nail surface but can be used over any color, should you desire. They are super highly pigmented, solvent-resistant, and cosmetic grade. You get 4g of product, which is DOUBLE the amount that was previously in these candy chrome jars.
MM - Midnight Candy Chromes (6pc. Set)
MM - Midnight Candy Chromes (6pc. Set)