MM - Glo-Stones

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These beautiful stones glow in the dark! They're a resin stone with an AB (aurora borealis) finish and a flat back. 3 of the colors are super neon glow while the other 3 colors have a softer, more bioluminescent glow. You must expose these crystals to plenty of light in order for them to glow. You can supercharge them by shining a UV flashlight on them. This is especially helpful if your client wants to see how they glow before they add them to their nail art.

You get 6 colors in this set. 

-Soft Pink (glows softly)

-Neon Pink (glows softly)

-Soft Green (glows very brightly)

-Neon Green (glows very brightly)

-Neon Yellow (glows very brightly)

-Soft Blue (glows softly)

MM - Glo-Stones
MM - Glo-Stones
MM - Glo-Stones
MM - Glo-Stones