MM - European Three Way Pro-Paints -- ICE BLUE

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SIZE: you get 4g of product in a 8g jar


We are so proud to introduce to you our European Pro Paints! These gel paints are made with the finest of European pigments, manufactured right here in the USA.

Our gel paints feature hyper pigmentation, which means the color stays very intense, whether using for line work or shading.

Our Three-Way Pro Paints are designed to take the place of multiple paint systems. This is ideal for those with storage solutions or that are mobile nail-techs.

Here are our 3 favorite ways to use them:

1. As a highly pigmented gel paint: takes the place of acrylic paint that you have to wait on to dry.

2. As a waterless watercolor paint: get the same results with Tracy's method to produce beautiful watercolor designs.

3. As a dimensional paint: when used with a detail brush in concentrated amounts, you can produce lovely designs that are “popped-up” off the nail with beautiful cure results each time.


Our paints cure to a glossy finish & no tacky layer. They do not need a top coat unless you desire to use one. We would recommend one for those clients that are harder on their nails, and to provide a smooth, even surface.

Cure time is 60 second in the LED lamp. When using as relief paint or with sugaring, 90 seconds is recommended.

MM - European Three Way Pro-Paints -- ICE BLUE