Mbl Mani Transfer Foil -- Kupid's Kiss (10pc set)

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The Mobile Manicurist nail transfer foils, new! "Kupid's Kiss" is perfect for Valentine's Day! There are hearts in all different colors, patterns, and sizes. Transfers neatly to the nail surface with no hassle. Packed neatly in a sturdy plastic organizer -- 10 pc set


We recommend using Quick Stick It! for quick drying transfers (LED/UV cure for 30-60 seconds)

If you want your design on a black background for an extra dramatic effect, we recommend using Black Stick It! gel.

And, if you have a client that has product sensitivities, or you're a nail tech that has product sensitivities - we recommend using Johen's Transfer Gel in either clear or black. It is hypoallergenic and uses a 9 free formula. This gel has a 60 - 120 second cure under UV/LED.

Mbl Mani Transfer Foil -- Kupid's Kiss (10pc set)
Mbl Mani Transfer Foil -- Kupid's Kiss (10pc set)