CLASS - Independant Educator Course (In-Person Class)

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Have you always wanted to become an educator but don't really know where to start? Then this course is for you! This is a three-day, power packed class full of resources to help get your started. Here's a few highlights of what we'll cover but there's much more included in the course. And by the way...this is a PRIVATE class with just you and I, so the personalization for this course can be tailored & fine tuned if need be.

DAY 1--Morning 10am - 5pm

  • Analyze your business plan
  • Why you want to become an educator

  • Your field of specialty 

  • Advertising your class online to attract the right students

Afternoon Session

  • Technological equipment you will need to educate and where to buy it
  • How to price your classes/sessions
  • Expert class menu set up

Day 2--10am - 5pm

  • Videography Symposium--how to record high quality videos, edit and upload. This is an intense class, but very important to your career as an educator. This will take up most of the second day, as you will be producing your own video start to finish. 

Day 3--10am - 5pm

  • Class kits--what do I include and how are they priced according to my classes. What and where to buy my supplies.
  • Classroom set up
  • Pre-workout--what do I need to do prior to my class
  • Mock set up--you will actually break down my classroom and prepare it for your "own class"
  • The afternoon session is set up with REAL students in which you will educate on a given topic. The students will do the assigned work and you will critique them as the REAL educator. Tracy will then provide constructive feedback on what you could do to improve the classroom experience for you and your students.
CLASS - Independant Educator Course (In-Person Class)