CLASS - Independant Educator Course (In-Person Class)

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Have you always wanted to become an educator but don't really know where to start? Then this course is for you! This is a three-day plus one night, power packed class full of resources to help get your started. Here's a few highlights of what we'll cover but there's much more included in the course. And by the way...this class is limited registration ~OR~ you can book me for a one-on-one course, at a higher rate (with just you and I). The personalization for this course can be tailored & fine tuned if need be.

Friday Evening 5pm -9pm—Registration & welcome packets.  We will have a catered dinner buffet & shopping at headquarters. You will also be responsible for setting up your station the way you want it for training the next morning. THERE IS NO SAME DAY SET UP. 

DAY 1--Today's class is all about the work that has to happen before you can even advertise your class to the public. Whether you teach in person or on-line, all of this relates to you.

  • Let's look at your business plan & find out WHY you want to become an educator.
  • What's your speciality & why? Please bring at least five examples of your work with you for this segment.

  • The power behind your brand! You're to bring business cards and any marketing materials you have with you.

  • Developing your class menu based on YOUR skills. Do you specialize in acrylic or gel? Or maybe you've converted your business to a press-on-nail artist. All aspects of the nail industry can have their own educational menu set up.
  • Help! What do I include in my classes and where do I buy my supplies?
  • The pricing behind your classes/workshops. How to put your classes on a payment plan or offer early-bird registrations, etc.
  • Hands on curriculum symposium. I'm going to teach you how to write your own materials to back up your courses.

Day TWO--Today is all about the technology you're going to need to produce either on-line education or in-person workshops.

  • Videography Symposium--how to record high quality videos, edit and upload. This is an intense class, but very important to your career as an educator. This will take up most of the second day, as you will be producing your own video start to finish.
  • Let’s talk about how you can get paid on YouTube as a content creator!
  • Please note: I use only Apple products (iphone, iPad, Mac). You will have use of your own personal iPad while in class with me. If you have an iPhone that's an even bigger plus.

Day 3--Mock Classroom Set Up

  • One of the main reasons this class is kept to a smaller amount of students is THIS day! You will prepare a short class (one hour max) that you will be teaching the other students that attend.
  • You'll have access to all classroom supplies, so at some point during the training (before today) you'll want to make a list of what to have pulled for your particular class session.
  • At the end of each session with our student educators, you'll be able to provide feedback to your students, as well as have them help you with suggestions that you might could improve on.

What's Included?
-All class supplies and your lunch each day will be provided. All we ask that you bring are your brushes & tools. Efile included.
-Table lamps & Curing Lamps also furnished.
-Apple iPads will be furnished for use for video work. They stay with headquarters when you leave.
-Take home manual
-Ladybug souvenir 
beautiful crystal certification display ($295 if ordered separately). 
**Please note: because of the nature of this class, there is no "kit". That's why Tracy has included the use of all of your class supplies and your lunch. She will offer a discount coupon for any shopping you'd like to do that weekend.


Dates: January 21-24
Location: 1084 Thomas Jefferson, Forest, VA 24551
**Turn into the parking lot and come to the lower level on right.

As you can see, if paid in full, a discount will be offered from the full price.

A three month payment plan is available at the regular price of $1145.00. Each payment will be $381.60. You must call Tracy at headquarters to set up your payments, or email her at:


CLASS - Independant Educator Course (In-Person Class)