CLASS - How To Become a Mobile Nail Tech (In-Person Class)

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Do you need the low-down on what it takes to become a mobile nail technician? Did your business suffer during coronavirus shut-down and your need to make a change in the “way you do business”? If so, this class is for you! 

This is a two-day, in-person course that covers the following:

🐞What are the necessary documents you need to file in order to take your business mobile?

🐞What type of software is available for my mobile business? 

🐞What type of equipment to use for mobile techs that’s ergonomically friend for both you and the client. 

🐞How to pack your car and what to put in it. 

🐞The ideal set up in a clients home for successful pedicures. 

🐞Create the ultimate mani station in your clients home, that won’t strain your neck and back. 

🐞How to price your services. 

🐞How to offer retail without having to “stock your car” and have the product go bad. 

🐞How to fit an entire salon in the trunk of your car with room left over.

And sooooo much more  I’ll cover everything from your menu pricing to how to show your clients nail art samples. Let the queen “Ladybug” show you how it’s done, and set yourself up for success from the very beginning!

*I have a staged “home” area in my studio that I will train you from, so you’re getting the full affect of how to operate once you are in the mobile field.  

CLASS - How To Become a Mobile Nail Tech (In-Person Class)