"Falloween" Nail Art Class--Massachusetts

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This class takes place at the Fun & Fancy Nail Event in Marlborough, Massachusetts.

DATE: Saturday, September 24, 2022
TIME: 9am - 12:30
COST: $99
EDUCATOR: Tracy Vinson

This marbling class can get you ready for some "Falloween" nail art that's quick and easy to orchestrate, but looks like you've spent a long time doing it. This class will features advanced marbling techniques as well as hand-painting & 3D acrylic application.

Each student will receive a class kit valued at $40. It includes one of Tracy's hand-made detail brushes as well as the pre-made 3D piece being used in the class. She will also have small crystals & beads for you.

You will either need to bring the materials listed, or purchase the class supplies HERE. Please note if you're bringing your own supplies, results will vary from those shown. Tracy has given you a 15% discount off these supplies.

Everyone needs to bring:
Fluids like acetone & alcohol
Lint Free Wipes
Detail Brushes
Clean Up Brushes
Curing Lamp
Table Lamp (for added light)
Extension / Power Cord
Black & White Gel Polish 
Top & Base Gels including MATTE Top Gel

If you're not purchasing the kit above, please bring the following:
1. Neon Green Gel Polish
2. Neon Purple Gel Polish
3. Gold Liner Gel
4. Purple Alcohol Ink
5. Reflective Purple Glitter Gel
6. Blooming Gel

Please be on time and punctual to your class time. We look forward to seeing you!


"Falloween" Nail Art Class--Massachusetts