Gotti - Lacquer -- #27 Pretty Little Miss

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COLOR: #27 Pretty Little Miss -- Crème Lacquer

This scorching true red might be a little ‘miss-leading’ but this classic crème rouge is perfect for every little miss and every occasion.


SIZE: 15ml.

BRAND NEW product vender here at The Mobile Manicurist Boutique! Gotti Lacquers are a premium, professional grade product. These polish bottles are economical for any budget, provide stunning results, and are in beautiful bottles for best display. All product photos and color descriptions are courtesy of



-Many of these lacquers cover in one coat but you can use two coats for a deeper color, if desired.

-Lacquers are highly pigmented and self-leveling.

-Brush has a rounded tip for easy, full nail coverage.

-Lacquers are in a clear bottle, making them easy to differentiate from the gel colors.

-Lacquers have a shelf life of 24 months from the date of opening.

Gotti - Lacquer -- #27 Pretty Little Miss
Gotti - Lacquer -- #27 Pretty Little Miss
Gotti - Lacquer -- #27 Pretty Little Miss