Gotti - Fusion Acrylic Powder -- #73F Pink For Yourself

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 COLOR: #73F Pink For Yourself -- Crème

A deep fuchsia pink to show your individuality and independence.

SIZE: Large 2oz. jar

Gotti Fusion Acrylic Powders are a premium, professional grade product. These powder bottles are economical for any budget, provide stunning results, and are in beautiful gold topped jars for best display. All product photos are courtesy of


-Large 2oz jar of acrylic/dipping powder

-Hyper pigmented, intense colors

-Perfect match for the Gotti Gels and Lacquers

-Can also be used for advanced art techniques

-Can be used with your favorite monomer or dipping essentials



Gotti - Fusion Acrylic Powder -- #73F Pink For Yourself