CLASS - From Bankrupt to Booked-up (In-Person Class)

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July 17-19, 2021--This is a three-day intensive group class. 9am - 5pm daily. Location: 21 Timberoak Court, Suite D, Lynchburg, VA 24502

Learn how to book clients and keep them! Marketing strategies that have been proven to help Tracy build her business. She went from zero clients to a full book in just six-weeks!! 

Bankrupt to Booked-Up

Day I—Morning

   🐞The importance of branding.

   🐞The power behind your business card.

   🐞What’s in a name?

Afternoon Session

   🐞Check your numbers like you change your underwear! Everyday!

   🐞How much can I afford?

   🐞Freeing up my finances


Day II—Morning

   🐞Intense client building class.

   🐞The right and wrong way to speak to your clients.

   🐞The power of retail.

Afternoon Session

🐞Pricing Skills--how to not give myself away

🐞Menu Interpretations and how to sell your business before someone ever walks through your front doors.

🐞The power behind a Facebook ad and how to run the most successful ads--more bang for your buck.

🐞How to design your own graphics & social media ads. A couple of apps must be downloaded on site for this but shouldn't be any more than $10 total.



🐞Now that we have all of the business out of the way, today will be a FUN-FILLED nail-art day. Tracy not only will teach you some of her signature designs, but she will show you how to price them, based on your current menu.

What will Tracy Include: Your class will have the following items available for you:

  • All fluids such as acetone/alcohol 
  • Files & Buffers 
  • Lint Free Wipes
  • Paper Towel
  • Table Towel
  • LED Lamps--please do not bring your own. Tracys classroom is cordless. Everything she has set up for you is rechargeable.
  • Starbucks coffee bar, a selection of hot teas, bottled water
  • Soft drinks are available for vending on site
  • A variety of snacks will be provided
  • A detailed workbook for you to take home with. you of the course
  • Personalized Notebook
  • Personalized Yeti Tumbler

What do I need to bring?

  • A variety of your favorite gel polish colors
  • Base & Top Gels
  • Your nail art brushes
  • Matte top gel--Tracy will be using Magic Matte
  • Black & white gel polish. Tracy will be using Black & White Magik
  • Three or Four pigments/ chromes
  • Three of four micro-cut glitters (tiny)
  • A couple of your favorite chunky glitters
  • Builder in a bottle gel...any brand

PLEASE DO NOT BRING YOUR ENTIRE SALON. IF YOU ARRIVE WITH A SUIT-CASE OF PRODUCT, YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED INTO THE CLASSROOM. There's limited space for students, and big bags prevent us from navigating the room. The list above, should fit in a small cosmetic case at the largest.

Please note: if you no show a class, or cancel once payment has been made, there’s absolutely no refunds on classes once they’re paid. ALL CLASSES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE


CLASS - From Bankrupt to Booked-up (In-Person Class)