OCTOBER, 2020-Team Ladybug Expo--Advanced Artists Association

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Wow! If you want a challenging class, this is it, folks! This will be a five-day class but listen to me...............because of the difficulty of this workshop, I’m giving you a day off to recuperate in the middle. So technically you’ll need to allow 6 days for the 5 day class. I highly recommend that you have at least three years experience as a nail tech before taking this course. It is all advanced level art & technique. Take a peek at some of the highlights.

OCTOBER 25-30, 2020

21 TImberoak Ct., Suite D, Lynchburg, VA 24502


  • Five days of power-packed information, teaching & tutorials
  • Class Kit with over $400 in gels and art supplies!!

  • Paper Towels

  • Fluids like acetone/ cleansing alcohol

  • Designer nail tips 

  • Sticky putty to attach tips

  • 180 file

  • 150 file

  • Buffer

  • Lint-free wipes

  • Shared items such as watercolor pallets, art gels, glitters, etc.

  • Coffee, Tea, & water will be provided as well as a variety of snacks & concessions daily.
  • Beautiful diploma with gold seal upon completion

  • Brushes--both gel and detail
  • Efile
  • Efile bits
  • Led Lamp
  • Extension cord / power strip
  • About a dozen assorted colors of gel polish
  • Black Magic & White Magic Gel Polish. Do not substitute these items. Our technique won't work with anything else. We have this brand in our store.
  • A few assorted glitters / chrome powders. Do not bring your entire salon--there's not room.
  • Base coat
  • No wipe top coat
  • Matte top coat
  • Table Lamp 

 We are happy to arrange a payment plan for you. Please understand that our accounting staff charge us more when multiple payments are processed for the same transaction. It creates more work on them, and they bill us for that. Therefore, we have no choice but to add a $99 finance charge to the payment breakdown. We can split your payment into three equal amounts of $364 each. Please call Tracy to arrange your payments. Credit or debit card required.

**We will end our last night with an awards banquet at a near-by restaurant. Dinner is at your expense but we ask that you bring a dress-up outfit since group pics will be taken.