CLASS - Advanced 4D Weekend Workshop

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This course is IN PERSON at the Mobile Manicurist headquarters, located at: 21 Timberoak Ct, Suite D, Lynchburg, VA 24502

It takes place MARCH 6, 7, 8, 2021

The four areas of focus for the course are fine lace detail (hand-painted), cluster crystal placements, 4D hand-made gel roses, hand-painted advanced watercolor technique.

The pieces we'll make during this weekend workshop are:  Hand-painted Lace Detail--on sample nails ** 4D Roses with Crystal Embellishments--on sample nails ** Ornate Russian Encrusted Egg ** Silver Locket--will contain your original watercolor artwork


Saturday, March 6--3pm - 6pm: Check in & registration at headquarters. Shopping will also be open for your enjoyment. Afterwards, those of you wishing to have dinner together, Tracy will make a reservation. Dinner money is your responsibility. 

Sunday, March 7--9am - 5pm: The morning session will consist of learning the fundamentals of hand-painted lace, the intricacy & stroke work needed to achieve a delicate looking lace. You will need the following brushes for the entire class: Perfect Smile Line, Fine Lace Detailer, Mini 3D. If you do not have these items, please plan on purchasing them once you arrive. Everything else will be furnished for you.                                                                                                                                          

The afternoon session will begin the layout & construction of the 4D gel roses. This is a time consuming task in which you will be required to have completed 25 roses / buds by lunch-time the following day. Tracy will provide shared product for the class, but if you wish to purchase your own so that you may work at your hotel after hours,  we will have extra available.

Monday, March 8--9am - 5pm: Our morning begins with our watercolor class. You will learn how to create a mini-masterpiece and then encapsulate that into your silver locket, for safe keeping. This is a great class to increase income in your salon with other items besides nails.                              

The afternoon session is spent entirely on assembling the Russian Encrusted Egg. During the class assembly, you will also learn the crystal clustering technique.

WHAT DO YOU NEED TO BRING: Base & no wipe top gel, about 6 gel polishes in shades of lavender & purple, All of your brushes including a crystal picker.                                                                                              

WHAT IS INCLUDED:                                                                                                                        Tracy will furnish all supplies needed to create the art shown in the pictures. They will be shared supplies that stay with the classroom when you're finished. She will also supply your LED curing lamp, as well as coffee, tea & snacks for the day. Each person will receive a silver locket for for jewelry portion of the class as well as the acrylic eggs for the Russain Encrusted Art. She has thought of every detail and wishes for you to be treated like royalty while attending her class.

You will also have your own personal work station in a luxury classroom setting. Refrigerator & microwave are on-sight for those who wish to pack your lunch. Otherwise, you are on your own for your daily lunch break.              

A beautiful certificate-plaque will be provided at the end of class for you to take back and display in your salon.


Please note: if you no show a class, or cancel once payment has been made, there’s absolutely no refunds on classes once they’re paid. ALL CLASSES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE



CLASS - Advanced 4D Weekend Workshop
CLASS - Advanced 4D Weekend Workshop
CLASS - Advanced 4D Weekend Workshop
CLASS - Advanced 4D Weekend Workshop
CLASS - Advanced 4D Weekend Workshop