Nail Art PhD Program--September, 2023

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Nail Art PhD Program--September, 2023
Nail Art PhD Program--September, 2023

DATE: September 07 - September 13, 2023
TIME:9-5 daily
LOCATION: 1084 Thomas Jefferson Rd, Suite 12, Forest, VA 24551
Home of the Ladybug Laboratory and The Mobile Manicurist Corporate Suites

Do you need more specialized art training in order to become an educator for our brand? Let us help you achieve your dream of becoming a top nail artist within the industry.

The International Nail Art Academy is our sister company providing continuing education to already licensed nail techs, students in an approved program, or business owners in the press-on nail world. We teach art design only. No structure or shaping is covered. We cannot train you for your nail-tech license. This is art-work and product knowledge training, only.

What is required from you to apply:
1. You must be a licensed nail tech or valid owner of a nail-related business, such as a salon, or press-on nail shop. 
2. Only Positive attitudes will be accepted.
3. A high level of skill is required for the advanced work that this class will entail.

Our PhD Educator's program stands for Principles of Harmonious Design. This course teaches you how to be one of the best-of-the-best in todays nail world. I'll teach you how put all of those lovely art supplies into a cohesive design that doesn't get overwhelmed, but has the look of high-dollar elegance.

This is a seven day course with a break on day four to allow for a mental & physical reset before entering the second-half of the class. You will complete between 60-75 nail designs in this course, depending on how fast or slow you work. Homework will be required should you fall behind.

-An all inclusive "Nail-Art Guide To Creating" manual, specifically designed & written for Team Ladybug, covering product knowledge, giving you detailed instructions on how and when to used specific products and overall design concept. 
-Six days hand-on nail art education.
-All supplies needed for your course except what's shown below.
-Class Kit

-High quality nail art brushes
-Crystal Tool
-Small Scissors
-Silicone tools
-Silicone Stamper
-One Stroke Brushes
-Your favorite nail files
You will be required to purchase the pallet we are using in class. Tracy will have them available for you once you arrive for the training.


The course outline is as follows:

🐞Day ONE--Personal Picasso. Today we will work on mixing our pallets for the week so that our designs merge together in a harmonious way. We go into extreme detail on color theory, stroke work, and stratified art techniques used on the nail. We will end the day with a lovely set of hand-painted nail art.

🐞Day TWO--Velvet Touch One Stroke Roses. Prerequisite work is required for you to bring to class with you.

 🐞Day THREE--Advanced Color Cocktails. Embellished with embedded textures, this will be one of your favorite classes. It'll be a breath of fresh air after the intensity of the first two days.

 🐞Day FOUR--BREAK!!! This is your day to rest, & reset your body and mind. 

🐞Day FIVE--Tie-Dye One Stroke with Extreme Carnival Glass Nail Art. This will be a double duty day in which we will master not one but TWO new techniques. Minx Texture Gel Painting. Fine detailed painting is required for this day. During the afternoon session we will also incorporate advanced scroll work. Practice sheets will be sent to you ahead of time for completion before class.

🐞Gemologist Nail Art with 5D Crystal Designs. I love how we have the tools and supplies to recreate lovely gemstone art on nails. This is a stunning presentation of art like no other.

🐞Day SEVEN--5D Winged Art. Today will be all about the 5D creations that can be made with Team Ladybug products, but we will feature out lovely butterflies.


Pre-requisite work that is required of each student:

  1. You MUST have completed at least TWO certified classes, specifically designed for nails (not feet) at some point in your career, and will need to provide a copy of your certificates. This can be from Tracy's VIP classes, online classes, or any other approved education within the industry that you received certification for completion. 
  2. We highly recommend that you take the level one Scroll Work and One Stroke class before signing up for this course. Both of those are online classes.
  3. You must be a licensed nail tech or student enrolled in an approved program -or- a business owner of an active press-on nail shop. Please remember that nail technology is NOT being taught, this is art-work only.
  4. You will be required to complete one-stroke homework and bring to class with you. Failure to do so, will result in you sitting out of the one-stroke class days.
  5. You will also be required to complete scroll practice sheets ahead of time, with the same requirements as listed above. 
  6. Must be able to take and edit a quality nail photographs, and will be required to submit three photos to Tracy of your best work (and photos).
  7. Work well under time constraints of the class.
  8. Be able to complete the final exam.

At the end of the last day, you will be presented with a lovely 11x14 diploma from the International Nail Art Academy, suitable for hanging in your salon studio.

About the class location:

  • You will train in a state-of-the-art classroom, featuring your OWN personal monitor on each and every station. No gathering around a table to see! Clear, precise video technology transmission, so you'll never miss a beat.
  • The entire facility is handicap accessible with wide hallways, handciap restrooms, etc.
  • Posh, comfy chairs to reduce fanny fatigue.
  • Plenty of work space--you'll have your own station!
  • On sight coffee bar with a selection of coffee, tea, water & snack bar. 
  • Tracy is a Global Educator, placing third runner-up in the world wide reality competition, Nails Top Nail Artist. Her salon & business have won multiple awards both local and international.
  • She has created content for some of the worlds top nail companies. 
  • The latest and greatest products will be at your fingetips! We intend to treat you like a queen while you're with us.


Disclaimer: This is not a medical PhD or doctoral degree that you are earning from an academic university, nor should it be portrayed as such. This is a high-standard of continuing education in the nail-art field, that you are working toward by completing advanced arts taught by the International Nail Art Academy. Course will be taught by Tracy Vinson, Licensed Nail Instructor & Lead Educator.