Solar Dust Liquid Crystal (mood ring fluid)

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Product: Liquid Crystal® (12 Color) - Pure Form, Mood Paint™

Color: Color Changing - Colors resemble shades of: 

Black, Brown, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, Yellow, Green Blue & Purple.

Effect: Heat Activated "Mood Ring" Effect - Changes Multiple Colors Between 60ºF and 90ºF

Particle Size: Paintable Liquid Form

Amount: 10 grams



Liquid Crystal® is a specialty material that changes colors multiple times within a window of activation temperatures - just like in a mood ring! 

This 12 Color Liquid Crystal® will change colors resembling Black, Brown, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, Yellow, Green Blue & Purple between the temperatures of 60ºF and 90ºF, providing a wide window of change!

This specialty material can be used on a variety of different projects, but be careful to follow the instructions listed here on the website and on the product packaging - this product can be easily damaged if used incorrectly, resulting in a project that will no longer change colors.



Pure Form is the thickest form of Liquid Crystal®, perfect for applying by paintbrush or dotting tools. (Best for Nail Art and other small projects.)  This 1/2 oz jar contains 10 grams of Liquid Crystal®.

Do not mix Liquid Crystal® with any other mediums, as this can damage the color changing effect!

It should be applied directly to a dry black surface and sealed once the desired effect is achieved. Please, follow directions carefully.32.95


Please note Tracy's Instructions for nail- art.

Liquid crystal is NOT recommended for natural nails that have lacquer only or a thin gel polish. The nail must not have any flexibility to it for this to work. It MUST be applied over an enhancement for best results.

1. Apply enhancement. We recommend any of our Rubber Base Gels HERE, cure for 60 seconds.

2. Apply one coat of black gel polish, located HERE, cure for 60 seconds.

3. Apply MATTE top gel HERE and cure for 60 seconds--wipe with alcohol once out of the lamp.

4. Using a soft brush apply two thin coats of Liquid Crystal, allowing to COMPLETELY dry between each coat. DO NOT ALLOW THE LIQUID CRYSTAL TO GET CLOSE TO THE PERIMETER OF THE NAIL--YOU MUST LEAVE A SMALL SPACE ALL THE WAY AROUND THE NAIL!

5. Once dry, seal with rubber base, taking care that all Liquid Crystal is sealed up UNDER the rubber base gel. Make sure your gel seals the entire nail, around all edges.

6. Proceed with desired top gel or art. 

This item was featured in Tracy's Northern Lights tutorial on her YouTube channel, HERE



Q: How long do I cure Liquid Crystal?
A: You don't! Liquid Crystal is not gel. It's a paint that needs to air-dry.

Q: My top coat peeled off. What happened?
A: One of two things--your Liquid Crystal was too close to the edges of the nail -OR- wasn't completely dry.

Q: Why do I need to use a rubber base gel over the Liquid Crystal?
A: Once the Liquid Crystal dries, it leaves quite a slippery surface on the nail. Rubber Base Gel is super sticky and contains a primer. It'll seal up the nail and allow a sticky surface for your top gel to grip onto.

Q: Can I use a regular base coat instead of Rubber Base Gel?
A: It is not recommended if you want to wear the nails for several days.

Q: Why are my nails no longer turning color?
A: After some time, Liquid Crystal needs to be reactivated due to being worn at your constant body temperature. Simply immerse your nails in cold water until the change color. Do this a few times to "reset" the mood-ring paint.

Q: My mood-ring colors are streaky. What should I do?
A: This is caused by applying the product with a brush that is either too small or too stiff. Try using a gel brush for consistent application.


Solar Dust Liquid Crystal (mood ring fluid)
Solar Dust Liquid Crystal (mood ring fluid)