Surviving The Pandemic: The Struggle of Nail Professionals Around The World

Hello friends and ladybugs! It's hard to believe that it is April already, and that we're headed into another spring season. We usually have a design challenge for our blog posts, but as a special blog post to highlight the marking of a year since things were normal for salons all over the world - we decided to do something a little different.

It's been a year of ups and downs for sure in the salon industry. Many nail techs have struggled to make ends meet as lengthy shut downs, virus outbreaks, sickness, and restrictions have made it difficult (if not impossible) for many to continue working. The question asked everywhere was: what do we do? What do we do to continue making ends meet, continue keeping our business alive, and continue to survive this pandemic?

Here's where we want to introduce you to our highlight designer of this month's challenge: Shannon George. Shannon is the owner and creator at Repose Nail Artist. You can visit her website by clicking here or visiting Shannon is located in Raymore, Missouri. She is a licensed nail professional with over 30 years of experience. Shannon says, "I am a mother to 3 beautiful children and a wife to the most amazing man I could not imagine doing this life without. We have a dachshund and a pandemic puppy nut who will be turning one very soon."

Shannon with her family.

When the pandemic began to shut down salons and independent nail professionals last year, Shannon had to think outside the box to keep her business alive and thriving. Her solution: making custom press-on nail sets that people could apply from the comfort of their own homes. 

Shannon has sent us pictures of a few of her press on nail sets that we'd like to show you today! Each set is her own design, unique, and hand painted. Shannon has an Etsy store, and most of the designs we're showing here are available to purchase on her store. I will try to include purchase links in case you see a set that particularly catches your eye. 

**Shannon was unaware that we would be posting links to her Etsy store, and this post is not sponsored. We simply want to share her talent with you too, and maybe help bless a small business in the process.


This set is called, "Mauve the Monarch" and is done in a beautiful, dusty mauve with holographic and black butterfly wing designs. This gorgeous set is accented with scrollwork, and customizable to your desired shape and sizing. Click here to see more.



Shannon's next set is called, "Sit and Mint a Bit". This set is a vintage minty green, with vintage flower accents. It is also customizable by size and desired shape. Click here to see more.



This gorgeous rainbow set is called, "Bright Jelly, Marble Rainbow Glitz" and is every neon lover's dream! This set comes with 28 different nail sizes (so you can get a better fit) and a prep kit. Click here to see more.


Here are a few past designs Shannon has done. They aren't currently in her Etsy store, but we wanted to show you these designs too!



Shannon says that, since she has expanded her business to include press on nail sets, "I never dreamed how this would expand my creativity and bring more passion to my craft and bring my family together. My press on business has given me the opportunity to teach my children about what I do, how we run a business, and empower themselves in an artful way. This pandemic has had a lot, but I'm grateful for all the gifts it has given us."

Shannon George


Thank you so much, Shannon, for lending us the use of your photos for our blog post and for being our designer of the month! 

For all our other beautiful nail professionals out there, we'd love to hear from you! Have you had to rework your business because of the pandemic? How has this season looked for you? Much love and Happy Designing. We'll see you again next month for our May edition.

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  • Teresa Kreul

    The BEST nail tech out there!!! Such a hard worker, such attention to detail, and one of the kindest people I know!
    Way to go Shannon! So proud of you!

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