September Blog Post - Fall Nail Designs

Hello friends and fellow ladybugs and welcome back to this month's nail challenge: Fall Nail Art Edition! If you're like me and autumn is your favorite season, you're going to love this blog post.

If I haven't introduced myself before, I'm Hilary. I work for The Mobile Manicurist writing our monthly blog post. I'm married to a first responder (who also happens to be my high school sweetheart) and we have 3 beautiful boys. Fall is my absolute favorite season, I love classic Hammer Horror movies (like The Mummy), and I am a total nerd. Just giving you a bit of backstory in case you hear me describe something in this blog post that I think the nail reminds me of.

For me, fall is all about things you can do outside! I love the great outdoors and I love to go pumpkin and apple picking once the weather starts to change. One of the other things I love to do is take a drive down the Blue Ridge Parkway and look at all the beautiful fall colors in the mountains. We usually stop with our kids at one of the tiny backroads mountain produce stands and buy hot apple hand pies and homemade ice cream. Virginia is beautiful all year round but there's no better time to see the beauty than in Autumn. In fact, the photo you see as the main image for this post is one that I snapped while we were on a fall hike (near one of our favorite spots in the Blue Ridge Mountains). I can't wait to show you the designs for this month! 


Our feature designer for this month's challenge is Kathy Muldoon-PaulyKathy is the owner of Nails by Kathy M. She is a mobile- based nail artist, so she will come to you! Kathy is based in the Barrington, Illinois area. She is a Master Pedicurist and Certified Podologist. To view her Instagram and see more of her gorgeous designs, you can click on her name.

Kathy has decided to do a honeybee design theme for her feature piece this month! She has done an adorable honeybee pendant for a necklace, with gorgeous hand painting on a white background for her art piece. For her nail set, she has done a matching hand painted honeybee on the middle finger, along with two striped accent nails, and a black textured honeycomb nail. She's even sculpted a tiny honeybee to match her nail set! 

I love this piece for fall, because all the best honey from our local farms comes in the fall. I get a giant jar every year from the farm down the road from us and we eat it by the spoonful. Kathy's nail set just brings out some of the best fall memories for me! Well done, Kathy! You have done fantastic work.


The rest of our talented nail designers were tasked with creating their Fall nail design on only ONE nail tip. That is a difficult task when you're working with such a tiny surface. Let's get started and look through some of the fabulous designs that they've created.

First up is designer, Erin Vars. Erin has created a fabulous 3D nail tip for us. This nail tip is is a super fun mix of Fall and Halloween (one of my favorite holidays). The base of this nail is a matte black with black rhinestones. Accents on the nail are tiny fall leaves, polymer candies, pumpkins, and gold caviar beads. Spectacular work, Erin!


Next up is designer, Lacey Allen. Lacey has done the spooky side of Fall (which I love). Her nail features a perfectly twisted tree of gold wire, with a black crystal sculpted base. Her nail is painted a dark, blood red and accented with glitter. Have you ever seen the classic Hammer Horror, "Brides of Dracula"? This nail looks like the beautiful forest outside that castle. Fantastically spooky work, Lacey! (side note: if you like Halloween, you should totally see the movie)


Our next designer is Ashley Chapell. Ashley has hand painted a sunflower and pumpkin nail tip and her hand painting is exquisite! It's really difficult to hand paint all these details on a tiny nail tip but Ashley nailed it! I really love the dimension in the sunflowers and the glitter accents. This nail encompasses two of the things I love most about fall decorations, pumpkins and sunflowers. Wonderful work, Ashley!


Next in our challenge is designer, Priscilla Miletello. Priscilla has sculpted the cutest 3D apple tree for us! She has hand painted a tiny sign that says, "U Pick" and there's a teeny tiny, hand painted barn peeking out from around the edge of the apple tree. The base of her nail is glitter ombré sky and ground. In Virginia, the best apples are the golden ones that come in September; I currently have a whole bag of them sitting on my counter that we picked. We love picking apples in the fall and this nail gives you that perfect, nostalgic experience. So well done, Priscilla!


Our next designer is Denise Miletello. Denise has created a fantastic nail tip done of an alcohol ink background with a beautiful vignette around the edges. Her nail is accented with metallic fall leaves, glitter, and fall lettering. I love the vignette finish around the edges of this nail. It's really unique and it gives this nail a whole new dimension. I would love to wear this nail as an accent nail on my own hands! Love it, Denise!


Next up is designer, Lynz Parks. Lynz has created a magical tree trunk with iridescent fall leaves cascading down the side. Lynz says, "[I created] A matte background in Orly’s Fall into Me stamped with a tree trunk design, with 3D cascading iridescent maple leaves from Profiles." This nail looks like it belongs in a fairytale fall landscape. I love the glimmer and the perfect swirl lines on the tree trunk. This is fabulous work, Lynz!



Our next designer is Tracy Weston. Tracy has done such a cute theme with her nail! She has entitled it, "Falling Leaves and Furry Friends". Tracy says, "Alcohol inks from Profiles for the background. Friends are hidden, look for them!! Falling leaves, wire with autumn leaves, and glitter from the Mobile Manicurist store!" Ok, so I think this nail hide and seek is such a cute idea and I know my kids would go bananas for this too. This is such a fun and unique idea for nails and I totally love it. Wonderful work, Tracy!



The last designer to present her work is Dana Clifton. Dana has created a spectacular nail design and I know that you're going to love it. I will let her describe it to you in her own words. She says, "[I took] Inspiration from the apple in Snow White. I remember when I was little reading the story and in one of the illustrations was the beautiful window. I tried my best to represent the classic story." There is so much to see and discover in this nail so let me tell you a few of my favorite parts and then you definitely need to zoom in and take in all the great details for yourself. The top is a sculpted tree with apples and fall leaves, then we move down to the window with a tiny LED light inside (so cool!), and finally down the the apple basket from the movie with the poison apple stacked on top. So beautiful, Dana!


As always, you can click on any designer's name to head to their Instagram page and see more of their fabulous work! A huge thank you to our marvelously talented designers for all their hard work and for lending us their photos for our blog post this month. All you ladies have outdone yourselves and I love them all!

That's all for our Fall Challenge this month. I know you've enjoyed the designs and thank you for reading along. I hope you get to go out and do all your favorite fall things, watch a few spooky movies, and eat a homemade apple pie. Eat an extra slice for me! Until next time, Happy Designing!

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