October Challenge - 3D Halloween Nail Art

Hello everyone! We're back again for this month's design team challenge. For the fabulous month of October, we have an appropriately fabulous 3D Halloween challenge. I cannot wait to show you the designs that our talented design team has come up with!

Our feature designer of the month is Erin Casper-Vars. Erin is The owner of Nails by Erin, located in Williston, FL. She is a Wildflowers Master Artist and a Swarovski Certified Nail Artist. She specializes in custom acrylics and nail art. To view more of Erin's work, click on her name; it'll take you straight to her Instagram page. 


Erin has been asked to do three different nail projects for us this month: an art piece (made of nail materials), a set of 3 nail tips, and a set on a live model. Erin had to stick to the 3D Halloween theme for all three of her nail projects for this challenge. Let's get to it and see what she came up with!

First up is Erin's art piece made out of nail materials. Erin has created a stunning mask for us, ready for any Halloween masked party. I love the detail in this mask, from the tiny red spiders to the roses. Around the eyes are teeny, red dots, hand-painted scrollwork, and spider webs. This mask kind of reminds me of something you'd wear to a fancy Dia De Los Muertos party, with a pair of red high heels and a red vamp dress. Fabulous art piece, Erin!


Erin's next challenge piece is her set of nails done on a live model. These nails are so realistic! Silver ghosts and ghouls accent this bloody, mesmerizing set. Details include a tiny, sculpted nail that looks as if it's being driven through the fingernail, and sculpted wounds ripped into the middle fingernails. Erin says, “I go for more scary Halloween personally and I am a huge scary movie buff so that’s kinda where I went with this set.” I love scary Halloween movies as well! Horrifically, fantastic work, Erin!


Erin's last piece is her set that has been sculpted on a set of 3 nail tips. Her middle nail tip is a hand painted skeleton, decorated in a Dia De Los Muertos flower crown. Her two other nails are decorated in tiny flowers. One nail is ombré pink and green and one is a marbled texture. You’ve done outstanding work this month, Erin! Thank you!



Now on to see what our design team has created for us this month! Our design team had a different challenge. They could only use one nail tip to create their 3D Halloween nail art. I'm excited to show you what they came up with in such a small design space. 


Our first designer this month is Jay Arthur. Jay has sculpted a nail for us with all handmade elements, aside from the candy and bat. Her hand-sculpted 3D shapes are a tiny Jack-O-Lantern, and a spooky Frankenstein head. Her nail base is a mix of purple and green alcohol inks and she's hand painted the word, "Boo" into her design. This design is so cute and perfect for Halloween! Wonderful job, Jay!


Next up for this month is designer, Priscilla Miletello. Priscilla has created a nail with all hand-sculpted elements, including the gorgeous blue rose and the sugar skull. She hand-painted the lace work onto her black nail base and it is absolutely perfect, which is hard to do when hand painting lace lines. She also added gemstones and a lace collar to complete this spooky look. Fantastic work, Priscilla!


Ashley Chapell is our next designer in this month's challenge and she has created a stunning graveyard nail tip. The base of this nail is hand painted with a moon and spooky orange sky. The accents on this graveyard nail tip include tiny hand painted and hand sculpted elements, like the black cat, bats, Jack-O-Lantern, tree, and tombstone. Ashley says she modeled her black cat after her own fur baby, her black cat named Precious. Excellent job, Ashley!


Next up is designer, Denise Miletello. Denise has created a gorgeously unnerving spider-eye nail! I had to do a double take at first, because I loved this eye and the hand painting around it so much, that I didn't realize it was a mutant spider with a giant eye! Oh, it is absolutely, perfectly terrifying to us arachnophobes. I love this nail so much! From the spooky ombré base, to the bat flying overhead, it really embodies the beauty and scary of mix of Halloween. Fantastic job, Denise!


Next up in our challenge is designer, Madison Jones. Madison has created a spooky, pumpkin patch themed nail tip! The base of this nail tip is a speckled black and white sky, with a black glitter tip and tiny bats flying throughout. Hand-sculpted, 3D accents include a fabulous crescent moon and pumpkins in the pumpkin patch. Wonderful job, Madison!


Our next designer is Tracy Weston. Tracy has created a graveyard scene for us this month, with a fabulous 3D, wire tree accent. The base of her nail is a alcohol ink sky, and she has painted a silhouette of tombstones. She says, “Graveyard Nights. I created a graveyard scene with a wire dipped in gel tree with bats making it home! Alcohol inks including black, raisin and gold create the nighttime backdrop.” Wonderful work, Tracy!

Next up is designer, Dana Clifton. Dana has done a graveyard terrarium! I love terrariums and I love spooky so, for me, this is like the dream mix. Dana says, “The Cemetery terrariums are so erially beautiful. There is something special about old cemetery’s and the stories of those that reside there. ✨🕯🍂” Dana has submitted a video and a photo of her piece. Stunning work, Dana! 

Designer, Lynz Parks is next in our challenge. She has created a 3D graveyard scene. Her 3D, hand sculpted elements include a spooky, graveyard tree and acrylic pumpkins. She says that she double stamped her full moon for extra dimension. The base of her nail is a gray, blended sky and hand painted tree silhouette. The final touch on this nail tip is a tiny, stamped tombstone with zombie hands popping up from the dirt. This is so cute, Lynz; I love it! Fantastic work!

Next in our challenge is designer, Kathy Pauly. Kathy has created another fantastically, terrifying nail tip for us. Her nail tip is covered in gore and eyeballs! Her 3D elements include hand sculpted blue eyes, and blood dripping from around the sides of the eyes. Her nail base is a muscle tinted pink. Kathy says that her eyes even glow in the dark! Perfectly, horrific! Terrific job, Kathy!

That's all for this month's 3D Halloween challenge! I hope you've all enjoyed reading and seeing all the wonderful projects that these ladies have created for you. Maybe you've found some inspiration for your next set of Halloween nails! If you loved these designs, please leave some words in the comments for our designers to read, as well as share our design post if you can. These designers are all super talented, and work very hard each month on a project for you to see. Every share helps spread their art further in the community and helps them get exposure for their work. You can click on any designer’s name to go to their Instagram page and see more of their work. 

To our designers: as always, thank you for lending us the use of your photos for our blog post, as well as all the hard work and inspiration you put into your designs each month. You are all fantastic!

Well friends, until next month, Happy, Spooky Designing!

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    awesome designs ladies! Some great inspiration here :)

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