November Challenge: Shop Til You Drop

Hello, friends! It's time for our November nail challenge. Can you believe that it is November already?!? With Halloween behind us and the holidays approaching, lots of us are thinking of Christmas presents. What to buy, what deals we might find, and of course: Black Friday. 

If you're a big Black Friday shopper, you know its all about waking up early, heading into the crowds, and finding the best prices for your wishlist items. This year, 2020 Black Friday (and Christmas shopping altogether) might look a little different. Amazon Prime and online shopping deals will probably rule the year this year. No matter how you shop, let's celebrate the season together with some stunning, shop til you drop, nail sets.

Our feature designer of the month is our own leader, Tracy Vinson. Tracy is the leader of the Team Ladybug Design Team and the owner of The Mobile Manicurist and The Mobile Manicurist online store. She has been doing nails for over 10 years now and she has moved from doing clients, to teaching nail art classes and techniques to other nail technicians. Our feature designers are always asked to do 3 projects for us: an art project made of nail supplies, a set of nails done on a live model, and a set of nail tips. Let's see what Tracy has created!

Tracy says, "Black Friday shopping and I am once again filled with anxiety… LOL. However, there are three things that are essential needs when gathering myself for this race: time, money, and coffee!

I have designed my three nail pieces around those three topics. Let’s talk about the first one of those: time. I have loved my Apple Watch from day one and decided to make an accessory watch band, in the holiday spirit, of course. I ordered a pre-made leather band from Amazon and did my own blinging out with Swarovski crystals in various shapes and sizes. I’ve also added a little touch of cheetah print in a silk ribbon as an accent. This makes me happy when I look at it, and I’ll be very mindful of my time while shopping. I used the Johens LED glue to attach the crystals with. It has no smell and cures under an LED lamp for maximum adhesion.” It can be found in our store, here. 
Tracy's second nail project is her set of nails done on a live hand model. she says,“These nails have a $100 bill embedded into them. They’re accented with 24k “white” gold glitter that can be found at
All of the roses are hand made and I’ve accented with more Swarovski crystals and some teeny, tiny, jingle bells. The Christmas tree accents are acrylic with white embossing gel, and a sprinkling of angel glitter. 
Altogether I have about 7 hours in this one hand of nails. Please note: these nails are for artistic purposes only, and not meant to be worn on a daily basis.”
For Tracy's last project, she was tasked to create a set of nails on nail tips. Tracy created a set of Peppermint Mocha nail tips! Whats better than a hot peppermint mocha while you're shopping on a cold, Black Friday morning? Tracy says, "I’m obsessed with the coffee cream fading into the coffee. Oh and that whipped cream. I love it too.” 
Thank you so much, Tracy for all your hard work on this month's project. All of your projects are fantastic! My personal favorite are the Peppermint Mocha nails. You can almost taste the coffee in that beautiful swirl art! 

Now, on to the rest of our designer's projects for November.
First up is designer, Erin Vars. Erin has created a gorgeous set of nail tips that really embody the spirit of the season! She says, "Black Friday makes me think of Christmas store front windows and going through all the ads in the Thanksgiving paper to find the deals." They make me feel exactly as she described them! Wonderful work, Erin!
Next up is designer, Ashley Chapell. Ashley has done a nail tip with lots of beautiful, tiny purses as an accent. Two of the purses are glitter encrusted, with hand painted handles, and one has a tiny hand painted bow on top. The base of her nail is encapsulated glitter, accented with gold caviar beads and gemstones. Great work, Ashley!
Our next designer is Tracy Weston. Tracy has created a nail tip that is a designer brand shopper's dream! She says, "Black Friday with a purse full of bling! This was fun! What better place to do your Black Friday shopping then Rodeo Drive! The crystals used are from Granny's Attic bling from the Mobile Manicurist. The glitter in gold is from Profiles and one of my favorite mixtures of chunky and fine. I made the nail to look like a little purse full of bling." Super cute, Tracy!
Next up is designer, Dana Clifton. Dana has created a very special, shopping/travel vehicle for her nail tip! I will let her tell you all about it: "Shop til you drop dedicated to Queen Ladybug herself cause we all know she loves to shop! Orly Haute Red is the signature hue for this snazzy ride! Orly Builder was used for the snowflakes and the truck of the ladybug car 🐞... Snowflakes are the for the driving through the snow effects in her ladybug." Amazing, Dana!
Our next designer is Jay Arthur. Jay has done a nail tip with a Thomas Kincaid holiday puzzle design. I don't know about you, but one of my favorite Black Friday memories was sitting with my grandparents at their table and watching the Walton's Homecoming, doing puzzles, and eating homemade applesauce cake. This nail tip brings me back to all the wonderful holiday memories. Beautiful work, Jay!
Next up is designer, Lynz Parks. Lynz has created a nail tip with holiday shopping, 2020 style! She says, "Here is my spin on Shop till you Drop - Covid Style 😂 The base nail is polished with Orly's new Roam With Me and stamped in champagne. The boxes are sculpted with Builder in a Bottle and covered with Canyon Clay, accents are Black Magic and Glass Half Full. The laptop is sculpted with silver acrylic and accents painted with black and white magic." Love it, Lynz!
Our next designer for this month's challenge is Priscilla Miletello. Priscilla has created a tiny shopper with a tall stack of packages on her nail tip! This cute, little shopper and her packages are sculpted from acrylic and gel polish. They're also hand painted, including the tiny, "Shop til u Drop" sign. She even sent a little sketch that she made of her design. The design is so creative and fun! Fantastic design, Priscilla!
Our next design is made by designer, Denise Miletello. Denise has created a nail tip with all the best, most expensive things to buy on Black Friday. Her nail has a base of Louis Vuitton print nail foil, trimmed around the edges by gold chain, and accented with gemstones. She's included all the things for a luxury shopping spree in her nail tip. Wonderful work, Denise!
Designer Kathy Pauly has created the final design we have to show you for today. Kathy has created a nostalgic nail tip that brings back all the memories of holidays past. She says, "This months project brought back memories of shopping til we finished through a soft gentle dusting of snowflakes. Every year my dad I would shop together in downtown Chicago buying gifts for my mom. My hand drawing of myself holding all the bags of gifts walking through the snow filled sidewalks. All products used were Orly gel polished and Profiles sparkles, pitched through the Mobile Manicurist store!" Amazing work, Kathy!

Well, friends, that's all we have for you this month. I hope you enjoyed reading and seeing all of our designer's fantastic work. As always, you can click on any of our designer's names to go to their Instagram pages to see more of their work. If you enjoyed reading this post, please share, and leave our designers some love in the comments.
To our designers, thank you for all your hard work this month on your projects. You are all faithful to give us stunning designs and great inspiration each and every month.
We will see you back next month for our final design team challenge of 2020! This year has flown by, and we can't wait to see what the next month brings. Until then, Happy Designing!

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