May Feature: "Pinky Ink"

Hello, friends and fellow ladybugs! Welcome to this month's feature on our blog: Pinky Inks. If you're confused as to what that might mean, let me give you a little photo clue:


If you guessed tattoo themed nail art, you'd be right! On this edition of our blog, we have specialty nail artist, Erin Casper-Vars with us. Erin will be showcasing her tattoo-inspired nail art for us today! Erin is the owner of Nails by Erin and Company in Williston, FL. Erin is a Wildflowers Master Nail Artist, a member of the 2020 Team Ladybug Design Team, a Swarovski certified nail artist, and a Magpie Beauty USA educator. To see more of Erin's fabulous work, you can check out her Instagram by clicking here.

Erin Casper-Vars


In addition to Erin's work, we will also be taking a look at Erin's inspiration for her tattoo nails: the spectacular art of her tattoo artist, Jocelynn Ivy at 13 Arrows Tattoo in St. Petersburg, FL. You can see more of Jocelynn's work by clicking here to head over to her Instagram.


Art by Jocelynn Ivy


The first of Erin's nail art projects is a set of nails done on a live model. This set of nails is done with red and black alcohol inks on the pinky nail. This mani is impeccably done with black and white classic style tattoo art in skulls, flowers, and coffins. Hand-sculpted, black, acrylic roses are the cherry on top of this romantically gothic nail set.


Jocelynn's take on classic style, black and white tattoo skulls is this fabulous, large cat skull with a crystal prism halo. This cat skull is a unique twist on traditional skull designs and the crystal prisms are a super eye-catching accent. 


Erin's second project is a set of 3 nail tips. Her nail tips have a background of colorful alcohol inks and are accented with black tattoo-style art. She's got flowers, butterflies, and an awesome skull packed in these tiny nail tips. Great work, Erin!


Jocelynn's tattoo flowers are bright and colorful on her client! They are almost jumping off the skin they're so alive. Jocelynn shows us her art style with different types of flowers wrapping around the client's arm. My favorite flower is the red poppy!


Thank you, ladies for lending us your photos to use for our blog post this month. (All photos are property of Erin Casper-Vars and Jocelynn Ivy. We ask that if you choose to repost them, please give credit to the artist.) You've both done absolutely stunning work! As for me, I'm hoping that this tattoo-on-nails trend is here to stay. I'm a big fan!

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Join us again next month for our next feature blog post. You never know what theme will come next! Until next time, Happy Designing!

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