May Challenge: Springtime In Paris

Hello friends! This is our very FIRST blog post over here on our brand new website. It's fitting that our first post on the new blog would be the same post that promotes the Team LadyBug store with our designers. All of the designs you'll see featured on the blog today, have used some element from our nail supply store. If you browse our website, you'll find everything you need to create your own stunning nail set. We hope you'll check it out and see all the wonderful things we've got to offer.

On to the blog post. This month's theme was "Springtime in Paris". You'll see both soft and vibrant colors in this challenge, and many springtime florals. We absolutely love this theme, because it reminds us of somewhere we'd like to be during this time of quarantine and isolation. There's something about dreaming of Paris in the spring that can make everyone feel a little less gloomy. We hope that your spirit will be uplifted reading this as well, friends.




Today's feature designer is  Denise Miletello. You can click on her name to visit her Instagram page and view more of her fabulous work. Denise is a nail technician at Priscilla and Company in St. Augustine, Florida. She is a nail artist that brings a fresh, modern perspective to her creations. 

Her first submission is this gorgeous set of earrings made from nail tips! These are so adorable; with fresh blooms for spring and a Parisian stamp. Wouldn't these earrings be stunning with a little black dress?!? I'd love to wear these on a springtime tour of Paris.


For her second submission, Denise has submitted this lovely, marbled nail set. This nail set is complete with crystals, an Eiffel Tower silhouette, and a tiny birdcage. This nail set is just stunning and has all the perfect colors for spring. Where would you wear this nail set if you weren't currently social distancing? A girl can dream!


For her last submission, Denise has created a soft and romantic nail design on three nail tips. I love this look because the color reminds me of Paris at dusk. My favorite time to walk outdoors is just as the sun is beginning to go down. There's something magical about those moments of weakening sunlight. To me, this nail set captures that perfect feeling of an evening walk in Paris.

Denise says she used the following materials to create all three of her looks: red/pink alcohol inks, black stamping polish, crystals, gold stamping polish,  white magik, Matte top coat, ORLY gel color in Far Out, blue chrome, script lettering stamping plate, spring stamping plate, and caviar beads. Wonderful work this month, Denise! Thank you so much for lending us your photos to use for this month's blog edition, and for all your hard work!


All of the other designers in our Team LadyBug Design Team have created one nail each for us to see and admire. It's a challenge to fit an entire theme on a single nail tip, but we think these ladies have nailed it (pun intended). As always, you can click on the designer's name to head over to their personal Instagram pages to see more of their work.

First up for our design team is Lacey Allen. Lacey has created a fabulous pink-blossomed tree. She says, "99% of everything I used for this nail came from the Team LadyBug store! From glitters and candy chrome to highlight and shadow colors, Team LadyBug store made this possible!" Thank you, Lacey! What a beautiful nail tip you've created.

Next up is designer, Dana Clifton. She's created a fabulous nail tip for us that seems like an illusion of floating blossoms. I imagine a romantic garden pool filled with blooms when I look at this nail tip. She used the following products from our store to create this look: Northern Lights glitter stacker, opaque crystals, and glitter flowers. Great work, Dana!


Next in our May Challenge is Jay Arthur. She has created a lovely and romantic look for her nail tip of a silhouetted couple under a streetlamp. This nail perfectly captures the soft, romantic glow that Paris exudes in the spring. For her look, she used: ORLY Kiss the Bride polish, Northern Lights glitter stacker, and alcohol markers. We love this look, Jay!


Our next designer is Madison Jones. Madison has created a vibrant nail tip for us, with stunning hot pink blossoms. This nail is fiery, bright, and definitely a stunner. She used ORLY Kiss the Bride polish and ORLY Haute Red polish, and a few loose glitters. Awesome job, Madison!


Designer, Carla Diggs has done a French macaron inspired nail tip for us! She says, "I used ORLY Haute Red, Halo, Pointe Blanche. Hand painted.....The French Parlor loves Paris. On a whimsical day, you can enjoy eating these delicious French treats...macarons. 4 different flavors pictured are the pistachio, cinnamon, blue cotton candy, and apple. Enjoy these treats the next time you visit Paris in the springtime." Looks fabulous, Carla!


Next in our challenge is designer, Erin Casper-Vars. Erin has created a lovely nail tip that reminds me of the book, The Three Musketeers, when the queen of France sends out her secret letters with her diamond brooch. Erin used ORLY Kiss the Bride polish, flower glitter, and gems from our store. Very romantic, Erin!


Our next designer is Ashley Chapell. Ashley has created a nail tip that is a classic Parisian landscape in the spring. It's complete with a hand painted Eiffel Tower, and lots of colorful spring blossoms. Ashley says, "I used The Mobile Manicurist Rockabilly Rockstar blue and green glitter for the background, the Eiffel Tower and blooming flower in spring time was done with acrylic paint and ORLY gel polish." Beautiful design, Ashley!


Next in our challenge is designer, Robin Rodenbaugh. Robin has created such an adorable little nail. It has all the elements of a classic, Parisian café on it's small surface. Theres a tiny croissant, teapot, cup and saucer, and pastry. Robin says, "I used ORLY Lift the Veil ombré with Pointe Blanche Gelfx, PF black stamping polish, ORLY short detail brush, PF white magic, and ORLY Matte topcoat." Scrumptious work, Robin!


Our next designer is Tracy Weston. Tracy has designed a beautiful nail in soft pink. Her nail has a tiny flower bouquet attached and a beautiful "Paris" sign. Tracy says, "Loved this theme! The Team LadyBug store was where most of my products were purchased. The background is pink alcohol markers I marbled. Glitter stacker and chunky glitter completed the nail. The flowers just sing spring!" Wonderful spring look, Tracy!


Next in our challenge today is Priscilla Miletello. Priscilla has designed such a cute nail for this challenge. She says, "It's a beautiful day for bicycle ride in Paris! I used Orly gel polish in Free Fall and Lift the Vail creating an ombre background with a layer of Orly gel polish in snow worries. Created a 3-d bicycle using Black Magik and Orly builder top coated in Outshine. Finished my nail with handpainted flowers, iridescent pink star glitters and Robin's egg white glitter. The items to recreate this nail can be found in The Mobile Manicurist online store." Beautiful job, Priscilla!


Our next designer is Kathy Muldoon Pauly. Kathy has created a nail tip that she hand painted! She says, "I used ORLY Free Fall, I hand painted the Eiffel Tower, used CND Black Pool with White Magic. Cobblestone and grass are markers, trees are Profiles Fire Coral SP with glitter flakes. I really enjoyed this project as one of my favorite cities in the world is Paris. I hope you enjoy it too!" Absolutely stunning, Kathy!


Last to present her design in this challenge is Lynz Parks. Lynz has created a beautiful, soft watercolor nail tip. Her nail tip has Parisian accents everywhere you look, from the Eiffel Tower, to the lilies, to the traveling stamp. Lynz says, "I used white magic base, magic matte, #2, 61, & 81 alcohol markers to watercolor background. Frame was done with the pigment palette I got the first LadyBug training. Design was stamped with Black Profiles stamping polish. This nail gave me so much joy to create in the midst of so much uncertainty. I put as much joy and spring love into it as I could!" Beautiful work, Lynz!


Thank you all so much for taking the time to read along with us. We hope you've enjoyed reading with us. If you liked this post, please comment and share on social media. This helps our designers get more traffic for their business, and more exposure for their work. During this time of closures around the US, it's especially important for our designers to get their work seen and appreciated.

A big thank you to all of our designers this month for your continued hard work and dedication. Thank you for lending us your photos and thank you for being dedicated. Stay safe and well, friends. Hope ahead for better days and we'll see you next month!

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