Love Match - Mini Post!

Hello, friends and fellow ladybugs! We have SO missed posting our usual design team monthly challenge. January just didn't feel the same without a challenge post, so we decided to make a mini post for February! What could be more appropriate than a pair of designers for a February Valentine blog post? Two followers of Team Ladybug were chosen by Tracy and were tasked to make a love-themed nail set, using products that can purchased right here in our store! All products will be linked so that you can have a link to purchase directly if you'd like.

First up, is Denise Miletello. Denise was part of our 2020 Design Team, and she brought work with modern lines and clean designs. She is always thinking of new and fresh designs to showcase her work. We're so excited to show you what she came up with for this Valentine nail set. 

Denise's Valentine nail set features two nail tips with a base of beautiful pink alcohol inks and a lettered "love", with cute silhouetted lips and hearts. My favorite accent finger is white with silhouetted lovebirds and hand-painted silver scrollwork. It is just the cutest! Her nail set also features a silver glitter nail, and a black open hearts nail. This set is beautiful, Denise! Great work!

Products Denise used: White Magik, alcohol markers (we are currently sold out, but here is another fabulous option from Johens), handwritten nail stamping plate, Profiles Feb/March stamping plate, Diamond Dust, Profiles Outshine, and Profiles stamping polish.


The other half of this Valentine's Day duo is designer, Ursula McConaughey. Urshala has been a long time supporter of Team Ladybug, and does exquisite artwork and design. This is her very first time being featured on our blog, and we're so thrilled to show you her work!

Urshala has done a lovely Valentine set that features a nail tip with 3D hand-sculpted roses and the cutest puffy, white hearts. She also has a patchwork nail with a hand-lettered "love" written in the squares. I love the patchwork nail, because it reminds me of a homemade quilt. Her final two nails have all different designs of hearts and accents of gold. She says her set is called, "Little Abstract Love" and says it's because there is no perfect line, since love is not perfect. Urshala, you've done a wonderful job! Your set is fantastic!

Products Urshala used: Johens Picasso Gel, Johen's Top Shine, Profiles Magic Matte, Johen's Full Diamond #2, and red foil.


If you're looking for some other fabulous products in our store, here are a few that we'll highlight for you really quickly. 


Johen's Petite Pearls

Super tiny and highly pigmented caviar beads that are so lovely and perfect for any 3D design. These beads come in so many beautiful jewel tones and you get a full jar for only $4.50.

Exclusive Mobile Manicurist Glitter: "Blushing Beauty"

This beautiful, soft pink glitter mix that is a combination of medium/fine glitter. This glitter is super sparkly and very feminine. $4.50 for a 10oz jar of pure glitter. 

Johen's E&Go Salon Stiletto Nail Tips

Lastly, if you're going to make the perfect set of nails, you need to start by using a high quality nail tip, don't be tempted to use a lesser quality tip. One box of these tips include 30 pieces of 10 different sizes (for a total of 300 tips). Thin on the back and durable on the tip, with a crystal clear finish. $18.95


Thank you, ladies for your hard work on your lovely Valentine nail sets. You've been a perfect duo for our mini blog post this month. Please leave our ladies some love in the comments, and like and share this post if you enjoyed it!

Please go follow our page on Facebook, International Nail Art Academy, and leave us photos of your work. You could be chosen as a featured designer for one of our upcoming mini blog posts! Until next time, Happy Designing!

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