June Feature: Patriotic

Hello again, friends and welcome back for our June blog post! This month, we're talking about patriotic nails. With everyone getting back out and around this summer after such a long period of being homebound, I'm sure there will be a few 4th of July or Labor Day parties. What better way to wear your Stars and Stripes than on your nails?!? 

My favorite thing about the 4th of July has to be the fireworks. We love to buy them from the tents that set up in the parking lot of the local grocery store. The kid's favorite fireworks are the colored sparklers (or maybe the pop-its) and I love the purple rain. We grill outside for dinner and let the kids catch fireflies while we wait for it to get dark enough to set up the fireworks. It's one of the best summer traditions we have. Now that I've shared my favorite 4th of July tradition, tell me in the comments one of your favorite holiday traditions! I'd love to hear it!

Our feature designer for this month is Lynz Parks. Lynz is the owner of Crowning Touch Nails in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. You can visit her website by clicking here. She is a master educator at Crowning Touch Academy, a MasterWorks gel educator, and has been a longtime member of the Team Ladybug Virtual Design Team. She has been doing nails for over 10 years. To see more of her work, you can click here to head over to her Instagram page.

For Lynz's patriotic-themed project, she has chosen to do a full set of custom press-on nails, and the cutest pair of patriotic sunglasses. We'll start by looking at her set of custom press-on nails.

Lynz has created a red, white, and blue set of press-on nails. Her nails have a chrome flake accent nail that looks just like a firework, and the cutest patriotic, hand-painted cheetah print. Lynz says, "I used ORLY Ma Cherie, Profiles Super Polish in Indigo, and Profiles White Magik for the colors. {Cheetah print accents are} Profiles Shiny Gold. I used Profiles Royal Blue Candy Chrome and red flakes from the Red Shades set for the chrome flakes." This set is fantastic, Lynz! I would absolutely wear this set to a 4th of July BBQ and fireworks party!



Secondly, Lynz created a blinged-out pair of patriotic sunglasses, using nail supplies! Lynz started with a pair of plain gold-framed glasses with blue tinted lenses, and ended up with a stunning pair of red, white, and blue crystal-studded frames! She used flat back crystals and put each crystal in by hand. UV resin was used to attach the crystals and they were cured in her LED/UV nail lamp. Her crystal work is impeccable! Each row of crystals is so neatly and perfectly spaced in a geometric pattern. These glasses would look fabulous for a day of boating on the lake! Wonderful work, Lynz!


Thank you, Lynz for all your hard work on the patriotic projects you've given us this month to use on our blog. Thank you for lending us your photos to use as well! Your work is always precise, masterful, and lovely. 

Please leave Lynz some love in the comments, and share this post if you enjoyed reading it! If you're in the Sun Prairie, WI area, look up Crowning Touch Nails. You will love them as much as we do!

Until next month, Happy Designing!


P.S. If you're looking for patriotic-themed nail supplies to do your own set of patriotic nails, check out the ones I've linked here:


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