June Challenge: Kade Spade Inspired

Hello, everyone! We're so glad you're joining us again for our June challenge. June's theme is so fun! It's Kate Spade month! Kate Spade is such a popular fashion icon and creates beautiful, timeless pieces. Their collection ranges from jewelry to dresses to handbags, and more! Chances are, when you think designer, Kate Spade is a big name that comes to mind.

For this month, our Team Ladybug designers had to choose a Kade Spade inspiration photo and then make a nail tip from that inspiration. These nail designs are SO fun and creative. They really do look like they were designed by the Kate Spade team.

This month, we have TWO feature designers. Our feature designers were asked to create three nail art pieces. They were asked to create one art piece (made of nail supplies), one set of 3 tips, and one full set of nails. All of their designs have taken inspiration from Kate Spade patterns or designs.


Our first up feature designer is Jay Arthur. Jay is the owner of Jay's Nail Salon in Frankfort, Indiana. She specializes in no-chip gel services and in custom artwork.

Jay has done 3 separate design pieces for us today. She has done an artwork piece (made of nail supplies), a full set of nails, and a set of 3 tips. Let's start with Jay's artwork piece!

For her artwork piece, Jay has created a pair of the cutest lemon patterned earrings, made from nail tips.

Here is the inspiration photo (a Kate Spade dress):

And here are the earrings that Jay created! Aren't they adorable!?! I love the lemon pattern.

Jay's next piece is her set of three nail tips. For these three tips, she used a Kate Spade watch as her inspiration. I love the color combination of this one! The muted blue and shiny gold together make a fabulous combination. Also, Jay's gold polka dots are in perfectly placed formation. It's truly a beautiful tip set, Jay!

Heres the inspiration watch:

And here's Jay's nail tip piece! Beautiful work, Jay!


Jay's third, and final, piece for this month's challenge is her full set of nails. Jay has chosen a Kate Spade handbag for her inspiration for this final piece. This handbag is fabulously cute, with pink flamingo accents and a pale pink bag. The nail set Jay has done is even cuter than the original handbag! I would love to wear these anywhere during the summer. Love them, Jay!

Here is the handbag inspiration photo:

And here is Jay's nail set:


Our second feature designer of the month is Lynz Parks. Lynz is a master nail artist with Crowning Touch Nail Salon in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. She is an independent educator with Crowning Touch Nail Academy, a MasterWorks Gel educator, and has been in the nail industry for over 10 years.

Lynz has also been asked to create three separate designs for this challenge: an art piece (made of nail supplies), a set of 3 nail tips, and a full set of nails. Let's start with Lynz's art piece. Lynz has chosen this Kate Spade handbag as her inspiration for all of her three design pieces. I love the color coordination throughout her three designs, and how they all work well together, despite being separate.

Here is the Kate Spade handbag inspiration:

For Lynz's art piece, she has created a beautiful necklace, with a sculpted white flower and some beautiful gold scrollwork. I love the timeless feel of it.


For her second design piece, Lynz has done a set of 3 nail tips in black, white, and red. Also, if you're a fan of Kate Spade, you'll see the polka dot theme that she uses in so many of her designs. The polka dots on this nail set are spot on, perfect! I feel like these nail tips are also a great choice for Disney World fans because of the beautiful red, white, and black polka dot theme. 

For Lynz's last design, she has done a full set of nails in black, white, and pink. Once again, every polka dot is sublime, and the lines for the stripes are so clean and straight. Well done, Lynz! I love the classic feel.



The rest of our Team Ladybug designers have created their design on ONE nail tip each. It is very hard to recreate an entire inspiration photo on just one nail tip, however, these ladies have pulled out all the stops and I think you're going to love these Kate Spade designs.


First up is Priscilla Miletello. Priscilla says, "I created a black and white striped matte background. I sculpted a Kate Spade purse out of acrylic, added in roses and leaves made out of acrylic. I added black Swarovski crystals to the centers of the roses." Great work, Priscilla!

Here is Priscilla's inspiration photo:

And here is her design:


Next in our challenge is Lacey Allen. Lacey says that her inspiration actually came from her current purse and wallet set, which is a cactus flower Kate Spade design. This design is so fun and perfect for summer!

Here is Lacey's inspiration photo:

And here is her design. I think it looks like an actual piece of art. Great work, Lacey!


Next up is Erin Vars. Erin has chosen the same dress that Jay used for her inspiration in her lemon earring set. Erin has put a completely different twist on the inspiration, with her brightly-colored, citrus nail tip.

Here is Erin's inspiration photo:

And here is her nail tip. I love the bright, fruity colors in this tip. They just scream summertime. Great work, Erin!

Next up is designer, Madison Jones. Madison says she took her inspiration from the classic spade pattern that Kate Spade uses. She gave it a new life with vibrant blue and gold hues. 

Here is Madison's inspiration photo:

And here is her design. I love the vibrant color and shiny gold spade design. Great work, Madison!


Our next designer in the Kate Spade challenge is Denise Miletello. Denise has created a nail tip of all hand painted orange blossoms. Her inspiration was a set of Kate Spade orange blossom jewelry.

Here is her inspiration photo:

And here is her design. I love this design because it is so vintage, and yet, somehow still so modern and clean. I would love to wear this design as a pedicure and think it would look so fun. Great work, Denise!


Next we have designer, Dana Clifton. Dana says that she used a Kate Spade laptop case as her design inspiration. She says, "Classic Kate Spade Simplicity. Glitter background is Wildflowers Bride and Profiles Northern Lights. I wanted a deep black so I used Magic Black. INM colored acrylic was used for the roses."

Here is her inspiration photo:

And here is her design. I love this design, especially the sculpted roses on the top of the tip; they look like real roses. Dana's lines are so clean and lovely, just like classic Kate Spade. Great work, Dana!


Our next designer is Ashley Chapell. Ashley has chosen a Kate Spade, multicolored bird handbag for her inspiration. Ashley said that as soon as she saw this handbag, she knew that this was the design she'd choose to do. I can see why she chose it; it is stunning!

Here is Ashley's inspiration photo:

And here is her design. I love the Bohemian, vintage feel of this piece. The hand painting work is simply amazing! Great work, Ashley!


Next in our challenge is Tracy Weston. Tracy actually got her inspiration from a fortuitous situation! Tracy says, "My inspiration was from a client who happened to be carrying this very handbag! I loved the simplicity of it! I used Orly Lift the Veil for the blush pink background and Light Elegance French Press for the glitter dots. Profiles stamping completed the initials."

Here is the beautiful design that Tracy created. I love the blush and rose gold tones and they work so well together. Also, how cute is this tiny rhinestone bow!?! Great work, Tracy!


Our last, but not least, designer we have for you today is Carla Diggs. Carla has created a design piece in which she made every element! That is SO impressive. Carla says, "I couldn’t decide on an image so I used a lot of Kate spade images in my design. Everything was made be me, the bows, the flowers, and the little purse."

Here is Carla's nail tip design. I love the blend of vivid colors, along with the tiny purse, bows, and flowers. Great work, Carla!


Thank you so much, Team Ladybug designers, for all your hard work and for lending us your images to use on the blog this month. Each of you did such a fabulous job on this month's Kate Spade challenge, and we are so proud of you! Can't wait to see what you have in store for next month's challenge. As always, you can click on any designer's name and head over to their Instagram, so you can see more of their work!

If you enjoyed this post, please leave our designers some love in the comments and share on social media so that they can get more recognition for their beautiful work. Also, if you're new to our site, we have our blog incorporated with our website now. Feel free to browse the Team LadyBug Designs store and website while you're here! 

Well nail friends, until we meet again for our July challenge, Happy Designing!

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    Fabulous art Ladies! How creative and inspirational.
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