July Challenge: World Travellers

Hello, friends! Its July and can you believe it?!? It seems like this year has gone by in the blink of an eye, with much of it spent in isolation and fear. While 2020 may not have been the year of planning, travel, and seeing the world, there have been some good things that have come out of it. For example, we all got more family time than we expected, time to reflect on what's most important to us, and a new sense of appreciation for each day.

Many of you have probably had cancelled vacation or travel plans and trips that had to be put on hold. Thats why we thought we'd bring you a "virtual trip" with our nail sets for this month. With each nail set, you'll be able to virtually travel around the world and see some of the most popular sites. All this, done from the comfort of your couch! What better way to enjoy the sights? So, sit back, relax, grab your favorite iced beverage (its hot out there, folks) and travel along with us.

We have two feature designers for this month, Lacey Allen and Tracy Weston. Both of our feature designers have come up with some stunning looks for us today! We can't wait for you to see them!


First up is Lacey Allen. Lacey is a nail technician at Sensibilities Day Spa in Asheville, North Carolina. Sensibilities is dedicated to wellness and healthy products; they also use vegan nail products. In addition, Lacey travels as a mobile nail technician. You can visit Lacey’s Instagram by clicking here


The first project Lacey has done for us is this beautiful pendant necklace. This necklace is full of wonderful details, like the tiny message in a bottle and feels very "Blackbeard's cove" to me. I would definitely wear this necklace as an everyday piece, but especially on a treasure hunting trip to the Outer Banks. A girl can dream, right?


Lacey's next piece for us this month is a full nail set on a live model. These stiletto nails are gorgeous, from the tips to the ends. I love the soft color scheme and love the tiny silver airplane accent. The middle nail even has a tiny, modern globe at the tip!


Thank you, Lacey for all your hard work on this month's challenge! Fabulous job!


Next up, we have designer Tracy Weston. Tracy Weston owns Nails by Tracy and operates in the Bluefield / Brushfork area of West Virginia. She is a master nail artist and this is her 3rd season of being with Team Ladybug Design Team. To visit Tracy’s Instagram, you can click here.


First up for Tracy is her art piece project. Tracy has created a gorgeous Hawaiian-themed pendant. Tracy says, "For my design piece, we cross the ocean to Hawaii with a pendant that can be worn on a chain or a leather band. For this I used Rockstar glitter, stamping plates, and embellishments from the Mobile Manicurist store." My favorite part of this pendant is the adorable, hand painted, little parrot on this necklace!



Next, we will look at Tracy's nail tip set. Her task was to create a themed travel look on just three tips, which is a pretty tricky task! She says, "For my world travel three nails, I decided to take a trip to Scotland and honor our heritage. For these nails I used ORLY products, Profiles stamping plate, and Artistic gel polish." I love the details in these tips, including the Scottish flag (made of pearls) and the tiny Scottish heraldry symbols.


Tracy's last piece is her nail set, done on a model's hand. This nail set is SO pretty and I'm so excited to show it to you! This set is done in deep blue tones, with sea and ocean accents everywhere you look. I think, personally, that a mermaid herself would want to wear these nails! Tracy says this about her nail set: "My theme is vacation and world travel. For vacation, I completed a beach set! I used alcohol ink pens from the Mobile Manicurist store to create the background, Profiles for the embellishments and ORLY polish as my top coat."


Thank you so much, Tracy, for all your hard work this month. You have done an exceptional job with this month's challenge!


Now, on to the rest of the design team for their take on this month's challenge! Each of our other design team members have been tasked to design a vacation/travel theme on only ONE nail tip. As you can imagine, this is way harder than it looks because you have to come up with your whole theme in such a small space. Our ladies have done a fantastic job and we know you're going to love it!


First up is designer, Madison Jones. Madison has created a Great Barrier Reef nail tip for us. Her nail tip is colorful and shimmery, complete with tiny fishes and a dolphin. She's got a great water effect going on in her shimmery nail as well. Nice work, Madison!


Next in our travel challenge is designer, Priscilla Miletello. Priscilla has been very creative with her nail tip, even making her tiny airplane able to "fly" around the nail tip! So cool! Her tiny road signs are hand painted. Fantastic work, Priscilla!


Next in our challenge is designer, Erin Vars. Erin's passport background on her nail is all hand painted! That is so impressive. Her sculptures (the famous landmarks) are all made with ORLY Builder in a Bottle and hand painted once sculpted. Wonderful job, Erin!


Next in our challenge is designer, Denise Miletello. Denise has done a marvelous, flirty, neon ombré nail design. I love this color combo and the ombré is so seamless, the colors just seem to melt together. I also love the tiny island view. Wonderful work, Denise!


Our next designer is, Dana Clifton. Dana took her inspiration from Stonehenge. Her nail tip is wonderfully 3D and completely outstanding! Dana says she used Profiles Northern Lights Mirrored glitter as a base with Wildflowers Green Glass Gel. INM acrylic with black alcohol ink markers from The Mobile Manicurist and final touches were Swarovski Pixies with Akzentz Bling On gem gel. Great work, Dana!


Next up is designer, Ashley Chapell. Ashley has created a wonderfully colorful nail tip that looks like a work of art! She has a tiny airplane flying around her nail tip world. Ashley says that her nail was hand sculpted, all from acrylic. Wonderful work, Ashley!


Our next designer up is, Carla Diggs. Carla has written a little about her piece, so we'll let her describe it in her own words. She says, "Around the world, we have seen so much beauty but what is in our hearts. This team is made of love. This piece represents what I see around the world. A heart can choose to love or hate. When you hate, your heart harden and builds strife. When you choose to love, you choose equality, peace, and love. It flourishes and everything grows just like this tree. ORLY Builder in a Bottle was used for the base of the heart and rise of hate. ORLY Liquid Vinyl, and Ma Cherie were the base colors. Swarovski crystals around “Equality” and rose blooming showing growth. What will you choose? Love or Hate?" Love the new take on this challenge, Carla!


Our next designer is, Lynz Parks. Lynz has created a fantastic tiny airplane, flying over a globe. She says, "As soon as I saw the theme for this month, I knew I wanted to do a plane flying over the globe. The globe was created using all varying alcohol ink pens from Tracy layered between matte topcoat to get depth. The airplane was sculpted using lace paste and painted with white magic and Orly liquid vinyl." Awesome job, Lynz!


Next up in our challenge is designer, Kathy Pauly. Kathy has chosen to do a stunning 3D design of the Sydney Opera House! She says, "I had to do one of my favorite places on Earth, the Sydney Opera House. The sails are made with Orly Builder in a Bottle,Profiles White Magic on a beautiful marbleized base for the water of Sydney Harbour highlighted with brown Swarovski Crystals as the base. I hope you get to enjoy this wonderful place someday." I would definitely want to visit this famous landmark someday. Fantastic job, Kathy!


Our last designer in this month's challenge is, Jay Arthur. Jay has created a fantastic nail tip for us, that encompasses all of the best places around the world to visit. She has hand painted each of her teeny tiny destinations and her tiny passport is sculpted out of ORLY Builder in a Bottle. This tiny destination nail is simply spectacular. Great work, Jay!



Well, friends, that's all we have for you today. We hope you've enjoyed traveling around our "virtual destinations". Many hopes that we can all begin to travel in person to our dream destinations soon and that everyone remains well and safe.

Thank you to all of our wonderful designers, for lending us your photos and for all of your hard work on your projects this month. You are all awesome! Keep rocking out those fabulous designs. 

As always, you can click on any designers name to head to their personal Instagram pages and see more of their stunning work. Leave them some love in the comments and don't forget to like and share this post if you enjoyed reading. Until next month, Happy Designing!

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