December Challenge: Candy Christmas

Good morning, friends! I hope your holiday season has been wonderful and filled with joy so far! I know this year looks different for all of us, and that it has been a tough year for many. We decided this year to put our Christmas lights up the week before Thanksgiving, just so that we could enjoy them for a little longer this year. This seems to be the year to enjoy the small things a little more. The sweet moments have become a little sweeter, just because we want to keep them close and remember them forever.

Speaking of sweet moments, this December theme is Candy Christmas! One of my favorite songs growing up was Dolly Parton's, "Hard Candy Christmas", and I think these words are pretty accurate for many of our Christmases this year:

"I'll be fine and dandy
Lord it's like a hard candy Christmas
I'm barely getting through tomorrow
But still I won't let
Sorrow bring me way down."

That's the beauty about Dolly, and the beauty about us too; we may have been through a lot this year and we may have days where we wonder if anything will ever be normal again, but we still get back up. In honor of all you strong ladies and gentlemen, strong nail techs, and strong beauty professionals...let's see some Candy Christmas nails, and know that we will get back up again.


Our feature designer this month is Priscilla Miletello. Priscilla is the owner of Glitterati Beauty Lounge in St. Augustine, FL. She has been featured on our site many times and has been a longtime member of the Team Ladybug Design Team. Priscilla is an extremely talented nail artist. You can see more of her fabulous work by clicking here to visit her Instagram page.


Priscilla's first project is her set of three nail tips. All her designs on these three tips have been hand painted. She has done a multi-colored lollipop on one tip, a background of hard candies on the left tip, and multicolored candy stripes on the middle tip. All three nail tips are accented with glitter and tiny hand painted sprinkles. The painting is neat, precise, and looks good enough to eat! Fantastic job, Priscilla!


For her second project, Pricilla has done a nail set on a live model. I just love this set! For me, it's the perfect mix of classy and fun. My kids would love this, but at the same time, I could wear this set to a fancy office party and it would look stunning. You need to look twice to see all the details in this set. 

Starting with the base, these nails are sculpted gel, elegant coffin shape, with a nude gel polish base color. Each nail has a different hand painted element. The pinky nail has two tiny candy canes and teeny tiny white accent dots. A swirl of red and white glitter makes up the peppermint swirl ring finger. On the middle nail is an elegant, matte, 3D sweater pattern that is done in the nude base color. Finally, the pointer nail (my fav) has a tiny, grumpy gingerbread man and a frosted lollipop. I love them, Priscilla! I'll take two please! 

Thank you so much, Priscilla, for all your hard work on this month's project! Your nail sets are always beautiful and the hand painting always spot-on. We appreciate you and thank you for lending us your photos to use for this month's post!


Now, on to the rest of our designers for this month's challenge. Each of our other designers had to put their "Candy Christmas" design on only ONE nail tip. Let's see what they came up with for such a tiny design space.

 First up is designer, Erin Vars. Erin says, "My nail is inspired by my favorite Christmas movie, Elf. This nail is the candy cane forest, and the sea of whirly, twirly gumdrops." Erin's nail has hand sculpted, 3D candy canes for her forest, and gumdrops floating on a sea of clear caviar beads, that look just like a sea of candy sugar. Her base is a teal gel, for her gumdrop sea, and pink for her candy cane forest floor. I also love the movie, Elf, and this nail is the perfect Elf-themed nail. Wonderful job, Erin!


Next is designer, Denise Miletello. Denise has done a candy-filled nail tip for us in a pink and red color scheme. She has a duo of lollipops, a couple of hard candies, and a tootsie pop as her main candies. Her nail is accented with a swirl of red and pink glitter, on a base of white gel with what looks like candy chrome flakes to make the pink holo in the gel base. This nail is such a cute candy nail. Great work, Denise!


Our next designer for this month's challenge is Tracy Weston. Tracy says, "My project is named, "Peppermint Love"! I created this nail using Disco Glitter gel polish in the back, along with glitter falling down to create a snow effect. Polymer candies layered on wire to give it a 3d effect, completed my candy nail!" I love this nail, and the thought that went into making it. Great job, Tracy!


Next up is designer, Dana Clifton. Dana says, "Warm and cozy winter season reminds me of making peppermint bark. The layers of yumminess! I was so excited to put this together with nostalgic memories. Light Elegance and ORLY gels and novelties from The Mobile Manicurist." Mmmm, I can taste the peppermint bark now! It's one of my favorite seasonal treats too. Exceptional work, Dana!


The next designer in our December challenge is Ashley Chapell. Ashley says, "When I was thinking of what to do, I thought of my favorite board game when I was a little kid. So my nail is done like Candy Land, with sculpted candies." Ashley's nail has hand sculpted hard candies, as well has a sculpted candy hot air balloon, and a hand painted candy background on the nail. This nail is just so whimsical and fun! Wonderful job, Ashley!


Next up is designer, Jay Arthur. Jay says, "I used Christmas memories from when I was young as inspiration. I used tinted Orly Builder in a Bottle to make the Christmas tree candy dish as well as a replica of cinnamon rock candy that my grandma used to make. Mmm I could just taste it! The peppermint candies are from The Mobile Manicurist. I used to love the green and white candy canes so I used that as inspiration for my nail." The nostalgia of past Christmas memories that went into this nail are just as sweet as the nail itself. Great work, Jay!


The next designer in our December challenge is Kathy Pauly. Kathy has created a nail tip that is fabulously vintage. Her nail tip is called, "Candy Cane Heaven." She has hand sculpted both red and green candy canes and hard candies for her nail tip, along with tiny sculpted red ribbons. The base of her nail is a vintage green with caviar bead accents. I have a couple of vintage ornaments on my tree that are this same color scheme, and they're my favorite ones! Wonderful job, Kathy!


Lynz Parks is our final designer in this month's challenge, and she has created a stunning candy cane nail tip for us! Lynz says,"My favorite candy is peppermint this time of year and I love the depth in a candied red. This nail started as Ma Cherie in Orly. Then I layered the red chrome flakes from Profiles Red Shades chrome collection and top coated with Outshine. I used a holiday Profiles stamping plate to stamp the outline of the peppermint in white and paint over that in White Magic to perfect the white and extend the lines to the ends of the nail. Then I painted over only the white with Profiles matte topcoat to really highlight the depth of the red chrome, and topped it all off with Swarovski for a little extra shine." Beautiful nail tip, Lynz!


This is our very last blog post with this design team! Thank you all, ladies for doing such a good job on your designs each and every month. I know this hasn't been an easy year for nail techs and yet, you all have shown up each month and volunteered your time and photos for each challenge. Thank you all, so very much! You all should be very proud of your designs; they are fantastic!

As always, you can click on any designer's name to head over to their Instagram and see more of their work. If you enjoyed this post, please leave our designers some love in the comments, and share this post. 

Well, friends and readers, we will see you back in 2021 with some changes and new things coming. Until then, have a blessed and safe holiday season. Stay well, and keep your chin up! Happy designing!


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