August Challenge: Nail Foils

Hello friends and fellow ladybugs! Welcome back to this month’s edition of our blog. Today, we are highlighting the use of nail foils in our August challenge. Foils are super convenient and can be used to achieve so many texture and color patterns. However, they can be fragile and require a delicate hand when you’re applying them, so you do need to practice your foil technique a few times if you’re new to nail foils. If you decide you want to dive in to the world of foils, we have so many choices on our store in every pattern and color. Go check it out once you're done reading here.

Now, on to the challenge. Each designer was asked to do a foil design on only ONE nail tip. Our feature designer of the month is Carla Diggs. Carla is the owner of The French Parlor in San Antonio, TX. She is mobile, so she will bring the nail salon to you! Carla specializes in pedicures and is a Swarovski educator and retailer. You can visit Carla's Instagram page by clicking here.

Carla was tasked with creating three different nail projects, all using foil. One had to be an art piece, one on a model, and one on 3 nail tips. Let’s start first with Carla’s art piece.


Carla’s art piece is a lovely set of pink, foiled earrings made of nail tips. These earrings are shimmery, flirty, and very fun to look at! I think these would look great with a little black dress and a pair of stilettos. Stiletto earrings with matching stiletto shoes...what more could you want?!

For Carla’s next piece, she has created a matching set of nails to go with the earrings in her art piece! I’m telling you, this outfit feels meant to be. Black dress, pink accents, breakfast at Tiffany’s vibe in this duo. 

 I love the beautiful foil and all the tiny flecks of holographic color in the pink. Foils really bring a multidimensional color palette and can add really cool metallic accents to nail.

For Carla's last piece, she has done a single nail tip in a stunning cyan color. I love cyan; it's one of my favorite colors because of it's beautiful mix between emerald and teal shades. 

This nail is a beautiful mix of cyan and silver foil. It has a row of crystal accents to add texture to the nail as well. Wonderful job, Carla! Thank you for all your hard work this month.


The rest of our design team members each created one nail tip using foils. Let's take a look at what they came up with!


First up in this month's challenge is designer, Kathy Pauly. Kathy has chosen a gorgeous green nail foil with a swirl pattern for her nail. She has accented it with glitters and lots of wonderful stones and crystals. It reminds me a bit of a treasure box with the lovely stones and gold accents and I really love it. Great work, Kathy!


Next in our design challenge is Tracy Wesfon. Tracy has created a lovely marbled foil look, using our Famous Artists collection of nail foils in the store. She has accented it with caviar beads, wire, and gemstones. I love this nail because it looks like a modern art sculpture and it’s full of texture. Wonderful work, Tracy!


Our next designer is Ashley Chapell. Ashley has created a stunning nail tip that has jewel-toned foil. She has also hand-sculpted flowers and branches on the top of her nail. I think this looks like a nail from a dark fairytale; I could totally see Maleficent rocking this nail and it would be fabulous. Well done, Ashley!


Next up in our challenge is designer, Madison Jones. Madison has chosen to use a textured foil that also has sort of a holographic sheen to it. I don't know for sure but, if I could see this nail in person I bet it would change colors depending on which way you turned it in the light. She has chosen to accent her foil nail with lots of bright gemstones. I love the dragon feel of this nail, between the stones and color changing foil. Nice work, Madison!


Our next designer in the lineup is designer, Lacey Allen. Lacey has made a definite statement with this nail; with it's bold color palette and abstract design, it looks fabulous. If you're a fan of abstract art (which I happen to be) you'll probably have the same thought I did: "This nail looks like it could be a Kandinsky painting." If you're not a fan of modern art, maybe we'll make you one yet. Awesome job, Lacey!

Next in our challenge is designer, Lynz Parks. Lynz says her color palette is peacock/wedding inspired. I saw a wedding once on TV that I loved because it was so unique. The bride wore a bright turquoise gown, it was in a lovely garden, and there were bright bouquets of flowers at every corner. I'm setting the stage for this nail, because I believe it would've been a show-stopper on that bride's hand, if she'd only had Lynz. Wonderful work, Lynz!


Our next designer in this month's challenge is Erin Vars. Erin has chosen another of my favorite shades of green. I like to call this one vintage jade. She has chosen a lace foil overlay and accented it with glitter, vintage flowers, and crystals. I will tell you the thing I love most about this nail: I could see this nail being completely at home on the hand of a 1950's pin-up girl. It is so fantastically retro and I'm loving it. Great job, Erin!


Next up in our challenge for this month is Priscilla Miletello. Priscilla has used a wonderful natural-toned foil to accent her nail, with pops of metallics. This nail looks so lovely and shimmery. I could see this nail being worn to a MET gala or someplace special. Great job, Priscilla!



Our next designer is Jay Arthur. Jay has created a stunning multicolored foil nail. Her nail is very retro 80’s to me and I love it. It is super fun, trendy, and done very well. This nail has texture and life to it, as well as a beautiful color scheme. Wonderful work, Jay!



Next up in our challenge is Dana Clifton. Dana has done a nail with really beautiful silver metallic strands running through it. Her nail is accented with gemstones and a dusting of glitter. I would wear this nail to a black tie event, and I think it looks very James Bond. Awesome job, Dana!

Our last designer of this month’s challenge is Denise Miletello. She has created a lovely abstract nail foil design, split down the middle with a line of crystals, and a solid blue gel on the other side. I love this nail because it is modern and sleek, and the colors work so lovely together. Wonderful work, Denise!


Thank you all for joining us for this edition of our design team challenge. I hope you all enjoyed reading and looking at all the nail designs. Designers, thank you so much for all your hard work and for lending us your photos for our blog post.

As always, you can click on any designer’s name to head to their personal Instagram and see more of their work. If you enjoyed this post, please leave a like and share and leave our designers some love in the comments. Until next month, Happy Designing!


  • Nancy Pickrell

    All of these are gorgeous! I especially love Madison’s. Great job!

  • Rhonda Adkins

    I enjoy seeing all the nail art designs! I hope to learn how to do beautiful nail art soon!

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